Apple Watch single layer wrap brown leather strap custom 38 / 40 / 42 / 44mm

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Applewatch strap custom - single layer style 2.2 ~ 2.5mm, there are not many line steps, simple style, strap length for different wrists, you can also press your name, or Indian pattern, a little more meaning! All hand made sewing. Ingredients: Italian ve


Apple Watch single layer wrap brown leather strap custom 38 / 40 / 42 / 44mm


Ingredients: Italian vegetable tanned leather. Cowhide (falling brown) Leather Description: Vegetable tanned leather, a kind of leather filled with change, vegetable tanned is the earliest method of tanning, extracting tannins made from tannins and other ingredients in plants. The method of tanning is to soak the skin in different concentrations and repeatedly soak it for several to two months. The vegetable tanned leather does not contain harmful chemical components such as heavy metals. It can directly contact the skin and retain the natural texture of the leather. As time goes by, the sunlight and moisture, the leather will gradually become lustrous, the color will become darker, and the unique use marks will appear. Some people will call it 'raising cattle'! The strap of the leather house is made by traditional double-needle hand stitching. The back and back are made of Italian vegetable tanned leather. It is more durable than the machine seam. The edge is sanded from coarse to young, and then polished to smooth and natural. **The size in the picture is 42/44mm. Apple Watch is used. When placing an order, please specify the length dimension, the buckle/connector color, the pressure word (within 10 letters) or the Indian pattern on the top. The strap size can be selected as follows - 38 / 40mm Apple Watch with 20mm wide - 42 / 44mm Apple Watch with 24mm wide Leather thickness: The single layer of the strap is about 2.2-2.5mm thick, and the smooth surface of the treated surface will be seen on the back. Clasp: stainless steel buckle and replacement connector (silver, black, rose gold, gold to choose from) Line color: beige Apron: 1 12mm wide Packing: cloth bag and box 38 / 40mm with three dimensions in length S - 70 / 110mm, fit to wrist size 13-16cm M - 75 / 120mm, fit to wrist size 13.5-17cm L - 85 / 130mm, fit to wrist size 15.5-19cm 42 / 44mm with three dimensions in length S - 70 / 110mm, fit to wrist size 13.5-16.5cm M - 75 / 120mm, fit to wrist size 14-17.5cm L - 85 / 130mm, fit to wrist size 16-19.8cm (If you need special size, you can measure the wrist to me, please don't leave space when measuring, we will help calculate) All-in-one sewing, the price includes strap, buckle, iwatch replacement connector, excluding the header * Free choice of leather color / thread color / pressing type (within 10 English letters) or Indian pattern 1 on the top *Note that there is no spot, you need to order, the production period is 25 days. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **Mailing arrangements Hong Kong and Macao SF Express - 1-2 business days after delivery is expected Taiwan area - SF Express - 3-5 working days after delivery is expected (Because of the SF Express Customs declaration, the Taiwan address must provide the ID number, please specify when placing the order) - Basic delivery "Hongkong Post" - Shipped by "Air Transport Registration", delivered 4-7 business days after delivery China mainland area SF Express - 3-4 business days after delivery is expected other areas Hongkong Post "Send Easy" or "Air Transport Registration" will be sent out, and the product will be delivered 7-14 business days after delivery. *If you need to use other mailing services, please inform us separately. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- *Precautions - This shop is mainly made of vegetable tanned leather, which will gradually darken and luster after use. - Vegetable tanned leather is a natural material, with uneven color, growth lines, etc. - There is a color difference between the computer screen and the finished product. The picture is for reference only.