ANCHOR Anchor Series - Sterling Silver Brass Pins

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The anchor is a tool for the sailor to locate the ship during the voyage and to land smoothly. It helps the sailors find the target to stop, so that the sailors are not lost on the sea.


ANCHOR Anchor Series - Sterling Silver Brass Pins


To this day, the anchor has evolved into the meaning of “the direction of life”. To choose which way, you need to grasp the direction and choose the stop in time. Let yourself not be confused on the road of life, to a certain extent, there is a sense of encouragement, so that people have clear goals and directions at all times. Some young men think that the anchor is a symbol of vicissitudes and retro. Therefore, they hope to express their maturity through the anchor and have a masculine side. Some people think that it is a symbol of obscurity and represents a kind of unknown. Hardship and hard work. *Product name* < ANCHOR anchor > sterling silver or brass brooch pin **Material Description** Anchor length 3 cm / CM, width 2 cm / CM **Full range of anchors** Anchor silver earrings: Women's fine silver bracelet: Women's show waterproof weaving version: Men's Rough Waterproof Knit Version Men's Silver Necklace Version **Package contents** 1. Silver cloth (first purchase / gift order) 2. Jewelry zipper bag 3. Maintenance instructions To support environmental protection, avoid wasting resources When placing an order, please indicate in the "Remarks"**customers who support environmental protection, simple packaging**(non-box) Will get**discount offer 劵**for next time shopping in this store 喔 ^^ If you order more than one similar order, it will be placed in the same box. Unless otherwise specifically requested for egg gifting purposes Need more than one box gift, please purchase the following link **Sterling silver maintenance method** Wipe with a silver cloth 2. Use the rear to fit into the sealed bag to isolate the air. 3. Often worn on the body, body oil can nourish silver 4. Too dark can be soaked in thick toothpaste water (Colgate) 1-3 days + toothbrush wipe !! Do not wear when wearing hot springs (including sulfur) !! Avoid detergent (acid will corrode metal) PS: Silver can test poison Some people wear silver and it mutates black Prove that the body is acidic I have to pay attention to my work, diet, and emotions. Other special requirements eg other sizes...etc Please ask for a private message before placing an order. Will be charged according to additional requirements ^ v ^ Other special request please message me in advance. Production days It will take 10-14 working days after ordering. ^0^ (excluding holidays) Will be notified after sending -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ Designer introduction Huang Aidi - Born in Hong Kong, my mother is a Taiwanese. He is good at multi-language, has worked as a full-time model, and served as a flight attendant for Korean companies, and cultivated a certain sense of beauty and international outlook. After moving to Taiwan in 2013, in order to realize the artistic dream, one step at a time became a goldsmith. In 2015, the company created the eponymous brand “IDYLLIC LOVE”, which became one of the popular personal silverware brands on the PINKOI platform, with customers all over Asia and around the world. In 2017, the company obtained the second-grade license of Taiwan's “Gold and Silver Jewelry Processing”, and the technology has been greatly improved. The next goal is to set up a personal semi-open studio, hoping to enjoy creative freedom and guest communication while promoting the brand to more and more places through the Internet. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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