Fox trees postcards Himeji Castle

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Fox trees postcards Himeji Castle


At that time saw the tree blooms in Ishigaki, there are a smaller version of the general tree illusion, must also say what people need this size tree. The Himeji City Time this year to Himeji Castle has been substantially renovated as well. Went to the entrance, I saw a different arc breaking wind, with walls and stone wall color, very beautiful. At that time the cherry blossom season, the city more than a thousand cherry trees, like to a large park. Open at the station to buy strawberry Daifuku. Leaving Himeji Castle, at the exit to get canned just someone to feed the cats. painting The first time the painting is a failure, there are three problems. 1. What Ishigaki stone stone I painted the stone, when the practice of using some of the strokes showed its perspective. Finally, I follow the diet drawn, more like a pile of anti-road rockfall prevention walls, not at Himeji Castle look. Check the information found Himeji Castle as a mature city building, its stone walls using "implant construction method", is one of Japan's ancient city of Ishigaki stacked way through tap water chestnut with polished stone and rough surface, so that stacked between the stones more fit. So, how to draw a sample plane so neat and retain the texture of the rock, this is what I continue to practice the painting inside. 2. The whereabouts of the leaves branches In the first practice, when not only the problem Ishigaki, trees are. At first, I do not know what will happen tree, on the first painting to say. Unfinished discovery, painted a very thick tree branches hanging loose, like being too big rain. So the second time, I changed the fate of the leaves, through the direction of the growth of leaves, try to draw the tree blooms in the sun like photosynthesis. 3. inclined rather than vertical erected Ishigaki The first two questions, are generally in the second draw, when solved. But in the end the issue, even though redrawn, I still did not feel very close to the screen you want some. As can be seen from the photos, is not perpendicular to the ground in Ishigaki, Japan Himeji Castle, as well as some of the ancient city walls trend inclined inwardly focused. Videos inclined to tilt, but this is not the angle Ishigaki side, but positive, so from a stack of stones to show that it is inwardly focused upward. I think this drawn, is not enough to tilt. The final product / Size / 156.5g 150x107mm / Material / This product was suitable for printed materials collected postcards, not polished ivory cardboard, hand-painted to retain texture. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan


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