Zipper Key Case (Night Owl-Coffee Zipper) Japanese fabric to order production*

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Japanese limited cloth production, the pattern arrangement of the cloth is different according to the cut.


Zipper Key Case (Night Owl-Coffee Zipper) Japanese fabric to order production*


-Exclusive storage key bag, no longer let the key scrape around in the bag. -No longer catching the bag all the time, hook it in the carrying strap, and find the key bag in one second! The metal hook is also super safe! -Long key is also OK! The remote control is also OK! -Bronze eyelet buttons are worn inside and outside the bag, and the wax cotton rope can be stretched inside and outside according to needs. **Product content** * Material: cotton canvas, cotton cloth, printed cotton cloth, plain webbing, cotton rope, metal hook, wax cotton rope, YKK nylon zipper. Zipper closure Contains 1 keychain metal fittings, 1 metal hook, 1 wax rope. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ * General version size: Appearance size: 12.5 bottom (13.5 opening) length (w) x 6 height (h) x 2.5 thickness (d) cm; The internal storage space is 11.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm. Belt length 12cm (with hook length 17cm); metal hook size: 2 x 5 cm -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ *The longest key in the photo is 10 cm long, for reference. :) Supplementary description of general version key case size: The side of the bottom has a thickness, about 2cm wide, the total length of the bottom is 11.5cm, the total length of the upper zipper opening is 14cm, and the upper opening is not wide, so the whole presents a slightly trapezoidal shape, with two inherent dimensions of 11.5cm (14cm) long . The actual zipper opening width is about 12.5cm, which takes up a little space due to the zipper head and the thickness of the fabric. The structure of the extended version is the same, and the total length is 1.5~2 cm longer than the general version. Key accessories specifications **If you need to customize some modifications, you can contact the designer to modify, thank you.** Customizable parts: 1. The position of the zipper pull closure: the closure is the shape of a small handbag, or the closure can only take a key function. 2. Metal hook head: change to a small metal hook, or don't need a metal hook, just draw the rope. 3. Rope color: dark blue, dark coffee, camel, red, lake green, yellow, total 6 colors. 4. The color of the small buckle: coffee, red, orange. **※ If there is no notification to the designer that it needs to be modified, or another order remarks, they are all made with the same photo, thank you.** -You can add embroidery service to this product: * Additional purchases: * Additional purchase: * Additional purchase: non-woven dialog embroidered label * Additional purchase: The keychain accessories of WaWu zipper key case, after using it for a long time, worry that the key hook is not strong, there is a small DIY method to strengthen the strength of the small metal hook, DIY small coup teaching. (by Vicky) (Recently rushed to order, my hands are hurting and ugly, please forgive me m=_=m) **To ensure the safety of the key, please make sure to hook the key into the latch. Please remember to check whether it is buckled properly.** * The key case can hold keys about 10.5 cm in length. The following are photos of 8-10 black-headed keys. * The following is a photo of placing 8 keys and 1 remote control. When placing more than 10 keys, you need to adjust the direction of each key slightly when placing them. There is less room to put the keys at will. Switch operation of key case metal buckle **Production and shipping information** -After the order payment is completed, the production will be arranged, and the production will be arranged in the order of payment, thank you. -The production will not start until the order has been checked out. Larger quantities will add 1~2 days. -Arrival at the store 48 hours after the goods are picked up by the supermarket. -Please note that there is no delivery by express and post office on weekends and national holidays. -Taiwan island express and mail delivery the next day, add 1~2 days in remote areas, pay attention to the postman cup and the courier!! -The postman and the courier will not make calls. If no one responds, they will deliver it again tomorrow. If no one collects it three times, they will stay at the post office and wait for the collection. -If you want to receive it in a hurry, you have to use the black cat home delivery to send it~ (╹◡╹) -Please choose mail in the outer islands. If you are in a hurry, please remember to tell the designer that you need to make up the freight to send the black cat. **Precautions for washing and maintenance** Hand wash only. If the cloth surface is dirty, you can use a small brush to clean it locally. Please use ordinary detergent and cold water to wash separately. Do not dry clean or use bleaching agent, and dry it flat after washing. Hand-wash only. Wash it separately with neutral detergent and cold water. Don't use bleach. Don't dry clean it. Dry it flatly after washing it. **Precautions for Handmade and Custom Products** This product comes with gift packaging, suitable for gift giving. The goods are handmade: • Each hand piece is unique, and the size difference is within a normal range of plus or minus 0.5 cm. • There is some color difference on each computer screen, which is slightly different from the product photos, which is not the scope of defects. • Each work cannot be exactly the same, and the parts captured by each piece of cloth are different. • If the stitches are slightly different from the product photos or slightly incorrect, it is normal and not defective. • Custom products cannot be returned or exchanged. **Return and exchange instructions** -Individual customized products, in accordance with the "Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Dissolve Communication Transactions" announced by the Executive Yuan, designers have the right not to accept returns and exchanges. The designer agrees and guarantees to provide after-sales service such as defect guarantee, replacement, warranty and maintenance to consumers in accordance with the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws or sales agreements. -We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products. -オーダーメイド products, return products, 受付しかねる products. Origin/manufacturing method Taiwan Taipei / Handmade


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