Slow Step Cloud Flower Series 3

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▲ For you who want to increase the visual temperature, a little literary style, and accumulate literary atmosphere at home. ▲ Give gifts, but also show your own style and taste. ▲ Hand-made, one piece for each item.


Slow Step Cloud Flower Series 3

商品説明 /product description/ **[Slow Step Cloud] Series Flower** Walking in the mist on the clouds, Slow step forward Seeing the original subject again Don't be confused and raise doubts original Can be viewed so lightly ———————————— Just let me lie on the cloud at my fingertips A touch of comfortable flower, the small and rough texture of the bottle mouth matches the flowers, complementary coordination. ------------------------------- △The surface of the flowerware is soft white matte glaze, which is fired to create a warm and tactile texture, showing the style of chubby clouds. △It breaks through the general idea of flowerware. The unglazed small and rough texture of the bottle mouth is more interesting with flowers. Creator/ Lily Chen /How to use/Home decorations. Flower arrangement. /Material/Clay & glaze, fired at a high temperature of 1230 degrees. /Size/The diameter of the bottle is about 8 cm, and the height is about 17 cm /Maintenance method/ In case of dirt, it is recommended to use a sponge for cleaning. Avoid soaking the product in the dirt for a long time. Hand-made ceramics are recommended to be washed and dried in a ventilated place before storing. /Purchase Notes/ ***Each item is handmade, with some differences in size. The earth and glaze colors are different due to the atmosphere in the kiln, which is the fun and characteristic of hand-made ceramics.** ***Our products are shot in natural daylight, and the gap between the photo and the actual glaze color is corrected as close as possible. However, due to the display of each computer (mobile phone) screen and everyone’s subjective perception of color, they are all based on The actual color of the work shall prevail. If you cannot accept the slight gap, please consider whether to purchase.** *This studio uses ceramic materials, fired at a high temperature above 1200 degrees, and the glaze color is edible and safe. *We don’t over-package, and wrap your products based on safe delivery. Sometimes we use secondary-use cartons (or packaging materials), hoping to do our best to protect the earth. *International parcels are mainly transported by air. If you want to send express EMS, please contact the designer to inquire about the freight. Mikou Tao Pure hand-made pottery Comfortable, layered glaze Regain my sense of life Make utensils an important partner △Insist on hand-made, unique design, make life full of beautiful things△ FaceBook Fan Club/ Mikou·Tao IG tracking/micopottery Taiwan rice mouth, pottery design & handmade creation


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