[Christmas Flash Free Shipping] Special Edition Gift Box-(Handmade Almond Tiles/Madeline)

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【Special Edition Gift Box】 There is Remix, and the gift box also has Remix. Special remixes of three classic items are launched to make the gift box feel more exciting and rich. Give something different 😙


260g x 1


[Christmas Flash Free Shipping] Special Edition Gift Box-(Handmade Almond Tiles/Madeline)


**Biscuits will be broken in shipping. Although carefully packed, it is inevitable. Please do not place an order if you cannot accept it. content *2 packs of French handmade almond tiles One pack each of original/old black tea (please note if you want to change the taste) 7~8 tablets per pack, about 60g per pack Retention period: 30 days unopened *Seriously Madeleine 4 One orange/fig/rose/old black tea Shelf life: about 13 days. Refrigeration can extend the validity period by about 10 days. Packing: iron box (L23 x W13.5 x H5.5cm) (with paper bag) Storage conditions: Please keep in a cool place, avoid high temperature or sunlight This product contains dairy products, eggs, nuts, and gluten cereal products that may cause allergens Lacto egg vegetarian ================================================== ==================== Product details ***Serious Madeleine Series: Madeleine is a traditional French small cake in the shape of a shell. The creamy aroma and soft texture are simple and delicious. It is very popular. But we feel that Madeleine can play more than that, so we carefully researched, carefully produced, selected a variety of natural ingredients and incorporated special production processes to bring the Madeleine to a richer taste level, which is definitely worth tasting. The same persistence "Using natural ingredients, flavor and preservatives do not exist; gorgeous modification to reduce sweetness, allowing good ingredients to play their own melody. 』 Orange Madeleine Peel the fresh vanilla cheese, soak the orange peel and orange juice together in the orange cognac for a week to elicit the layered flavor, and then mix the President's brand cream, eggs, honey, flour, almond powder, and a little fruit juice made with organic lime taste. With one bite of the made Madeleine, the concentrated orange peel and orange scent is sweet and sour and melts in the mouth. It is rich but light and refreshing. Fig Madeleine Turkish dried figs are soaked in rum for a week to release the special flavor of figs, which is very charming. In addition to the soft and delicious dried fruit, the fig madeleine also has the special crunchy taste of figs, which is endless aftertaste. Lao He Black Tea Madeleine The 90-year-old Taiwanese native tea trees in Yuchi Township, Nantou County are carefully selected and grown using organic farming methods. Add one heart two leaf black tea to vanilla pod and steep it in white rum for a week to let the tea fragrance release. The tea fragrance and milk fragrance match perfectly, the flavor is rich and unique, and the end rhyme is long. Rose Madeleine Using organic rose petals from Pingtung Dahua Farm, the fresh petals are made into rose jam to completely release the rose fragrance, and finally a little Dahu strawberry wine is added to enrich the aroma. The whole rose petals can be eaten, and the aroma is amazing. Seriously, Madeleine has no taste of alcohol, please feel free to eat. ***Handmade almond tile series: handmade one piece by piece, pure natural ingredients, no fragrance, chemical additives and preservatives. Select French imported President fermented butter, top-quality California almonds, sugar, egg whites, and a small amount of flour as a delicious base, with local Pingtung cherry shrimp, French CACAO BARRY chocolate, Bolivian organic red quinoa... and other special ingredients to show the almond tiles More layers of taste, fine flavor, refreshing and smooth, rich layers. Original almond tiles It is made with President fermented butter imported from France, top almond flakes, sugar, egg white, and a small amount of mixed flour. Reduce the sugar by 30%, with small sugar and small flour, to taste the multi-layered crispy taste of almond, cream, and egg. Red Quinoa Almond Tiles The imported red quinoa from Bolivia cultivated by natural farming is a high-protein alkaline food, rich in nutrients and full of aroma. Natural whole red quinoa is added to the almond tile base and baked. You can get a grain by grain taste, and the roasted red quinoa is full of aroma with one bite, giving the flavor an extra layer. French cocoa almond tiles Carefully selected French CACAOBARRY tempered 70% dark chocolate used by the top dessert master is baked with almond tile base, and finally the roasted cocoa beans are broken and sprinkled on the surface. The blend is pure, rich and fresh cocoa fruit aroma with rich layers. Lao He Black Tea Almond Tiles The 90-year-old Taiwanese native tea trees in Yuchi Township, Nantou County are carefully selected. They are planted using organic farming methods and hand-picked with one heart and two leaves, and ancient roasted tea. When making, the whole cord-shaped black tea leaves are slightly broken to make the tea fragrance more released. The tea fragrance, milk fragrance and nut fragrance are perfectly matched, the flavor is rich and unique, and the final rhyme is long. Laozhu black tea grown by organic farming is made from whole tea leaves with one heart and two leaves, and does not use secondary tea stalks. Reduce sugar by 35%. Less sugar can highlight the delicate tea.