Morishita SENSIASHU/ Handmade hexagonal tote bag/ 10 colors in total/ Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather

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Handmade hexagon tote bag Product description: Material: Italian vegetable tanned cow leather Leather thickness: 2mm Bag size: length 38cmX height 30 width 10cm Before the goods are shipped, the beeswax will be maintained last time, so it has a simple surface water repellent function, but this effect is not continuous, and continuous maintenance is required



Morishita SENSIASHU/ Handmade hexagonal tote bag/ 10 colors in total/ Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather


The items that stay with you for a long time must be simpler. Design with this belief, and constantly remove redundant designs and decorations, I just want to keep the purest and simplest things you can keep using. And can accompany you to write more stories. Leather color selection: About vegetable tanned leather: Vegetable tanned leather is the tannins taken from plants to treat the leather. The processing time for a piece of leather usually takes several months to complete. Vegetable tanned leather is harder at first, but it will become soft and color over time. It will continue to deepen with the use of users, but it will become more charming and make it more personal. / Precautions/ In the process of growth, cattle will inevitably have some small scars on the body, or some damage may also occur during the production and transportation process, so there will inevitably be some small scars and wrinkle textures on the leather, and these marks will make the product more It is unique, but for the sake of product perfection, the production process will try to avoid the traces, but it is inevitable that there will be some traces, which are unavoidable, and each piece of leather must be unique, so it is inevitable that every time the designer The color of the original cowhide to be selected will be different, so there will be a slight color difference in the works. Please consider whether it is acceptable or communicate with the designer in detail before buying. Maintenance method: 1. Genuine leather is very water-aware. Try to avoid rain, scratches and dirt. If you accidentally get water, you should use a clean cloth to soak up the water, and place it in a ventilated place to dry. Morishita natural vegetable leather maintenance beeswax, regular maintenance can extend the life of leather, and Morishita vegetable leather maintenance beeswax contains natural beeswax, which can have a simple water repellent function, but you must remember to maintain it regularly to continue to repel water. 2. Vegetable tanned leather will gradually deepen its color according to the sun, the touch of the hand and the way of maintenance. It may also cause spots or color patches due to dripping into grease or water. These are normal phenomena, but as the use time longer , Will gradually become your own color, please enjoy the process of slowly changing the color, until it becomes something that you can't put it down and can continue to accompany you and travel with you. brand introduction: The cool breeze in the forest is blowing slightly, the sun is slowly falling, a kind of simple and beautiful happiness. We hope to integrate this happiness into the design through creation and create natural, simple and practical works for everyone, so the brand Morishita was born. Up. Beautiful, simple, natural, simple, and practical. Create with these concepts as the starting point. From the selection of all materials to the production of products, we focus on every detail and make meticulously. We believe that only by continuous hard work can we make a Temperature and beautiful hand-made leather products. Origin / manufacturing method Made by Taiwan Morishita tree designer handmade


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