Sleeve blouse linen color grid

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Material: 100% linen Size: Shoulder Width + Sleeve Length 67 / Chest Width 53.5 / Cuff 16 / Garment Length 51.3 / Hem 51.5 (Unit: cm, the above dimensions are measured horizontally, hand-made size +/-2 cm) Note: The length of this dress is short. If you have any questions, please ask first. Do not order directly!


Sleeve blouse linen color grid


The linen color grid fabric is soft and hanging, the cloth feels thin and smooth, and the skin is slightly transparent I wear the sleeve shirt after proofing for a long time, I like it I am not tall, I like a short top with linen pants or skirt The sleeve design is simple and easy to modify The length of this dress is short, if you have any questions, please ask first. Do not order directly! The length of the clothes can be adjusted for free within +/-10 cm (please note in the order) Most of the linen fabrics in the design hall can be made, but the effect of the finished product will be different due to differences in processing methods and fabric properties. If you have any questions about color selection or fabrics, please contact us! Washing method of cotton and linen clothes: -Please wash light and dark clothes separately. -It is recommended to wash by hand in cold water, do not rub vigorously and soak for a long time (not more than 20 minutes is recommended). -After washing, dehydrate a little (do not exceed 3 minutes), hang the clothes directly on the "back side", and straighten the clothes to dry. -Dry it in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose it to the sun for a long time. -Use neutral detergents and do not use laundry detergents containing bleach and fluorescent agents. -Dark cotton and linen products are prone to discoloration in the first few times of water. After long-term washing, the discoloration will be reduced and it will be softer. -For machine washing, be sure to use a laundry bag. Precautions: Shipping to Mainland China/Hong Kong/Macau will be delivered by SF Express. If you need to change to post office, please inquire first. A special store will be opened before placing a bid. Thank you. The exact delivery time is based on the order of the order. You can ask about the estimated delivery date before placing a bid. Urgent orders are not accepted. Hand-made clothes that are not produced in the factory and require perfection, please do not subscribe. The colors of the fabrics purchased by different batches will also be different. Each computer screen display is different, and the color of the photos displayed is somewhat different. Please refer to the actual product. If you have any questions about the color of the fabric material, please ask first. Do not place an order directly . Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / Handmade by Feliz & Recap


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