Leather book cover │ MUJI A6 size │ reading page design │ ink blue

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Leather book cover │ MUJI A6 size │ reading page design │ ink blue


The butterfly page design can be inserted into the inner page at will, recording the last reading position. Purchase will be accompanied by a [Muji A6 size] blank notebook 1 You can then purchase the replacement at the MUJI store. https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/856c38f257b78d1943e6a2c9912870cb.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/c7f920937cf19777d4cb34a48c49e6fc.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/8ca2e35f0e935290ba06c9a2cd34b05c.jpg Material: European plant yak Size: W12xH16.5xD1.5cm https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/a29547ed17ad366103af78a5c68ef85b.jpg <Color left to right: original skin|gray white|later mint green> https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/dba042dfc0fb0b0173c64cac73b48744.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/99858068993527eedc3f999dcf9fce1f.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/4037984b65ab043de57f5b4e28245825.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/669ea3bcd6bf30d9f1058fd6a9dfa4b7.jpg <grey white> https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/28a6d7cf99c7b15cb01e2b35807d63dc.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/19d23b24273f7d98a71c513fe5540544.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/4c514e2ea95133e41e21907c2ef4a195.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/ed63929ec30e02e40735fa7f51048465.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/d4bf808f75a07346d94419fbc1aba337.jpg <Latden Mint Green> The surface is specially treated with a thin wax, and the longer it is used, the clearer the mint green can be seen. It is a leather with a sense of history! https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/04/01/4fecf652a0110acdcf8b20095e9cde6d.jpg ☞客制印印│ can be used to discuss the content and location of the seal https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/07/15/d0074baca127c4072c1d9cfb19e71d03.jpg https://www.rosastudio-tw.com/image/data/2018/07/15/d15e8e307c8ccc21edf53a8aea5653e6.jpg https://dollygirl.qdm.tw/image/data/2018/02/06/925bd2bfac22f350d6a9a552873a6882.jpg https://dollygirl.qdm.tw/image/data/2018/02/06/481337beca549fb03a23476eaba75ce5.jpg >English word free Font reference https://www.pinkoi.com/product/V9CSAqXP?cat... > Chinese text plus $50 per word Order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Est7kG82 >Other color reference https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ra9An4ik │Leather source│ • Made from European imported cowhide-plant tanned leather, the European leather surface is less scarred and the quality is better than American leather, and the price is also generally expensive. • Leather leather is like human skin. It is inevitable that there will be damaged marks or natural growth lines, which will be avoided when making. │Leather characteristics│ • Each batch of leather has a slight shade of light and is a natural phenomenon. The tanning properties of the plant will also increase the surface color due to the frequency of use. The longer the use, the more caramel color will be used. • The surface of natural leather has pores like human skin, so it will be inhaled when exposed to water. It will be a natural phenomenon after the dryness. When the work is finished, it will be wiped with maintenance oil to reduce the leather from getting wet or stained. • Avoid skin soaking in water. If it gets wet, place it in a well-ventilated place and do not expose it to the sun. • Shallow dirt can be wiped with a clean cotton cloth. Deep oil stains are not easy to remove; the longer you wait, the less obvious it is, so use it carefully! And hold a relaxed attitude to face ~ │Leather Dyeing│ • The series of products retains hand-dyed brush strokes, and after repeated test colors, we have the most satisfactory color to color ratio, so each item is unique. • Dyeing products do not deliberately rub without fading, but the longer the plant's zeal characteristics will reduce color saturation over time. • Undyed leather is close to beige, adding darkness and traces to each person's frequency and habits, just as a diary records our life story. │Leather Care│ • Regular use is the best way to keep your leather from nourishing your leather. If you feel the leather is dry at the corners, use a leather care oil to wipe it. • Place a dry place when storing, and clean the white cotton cloth or remove the clothes to avoid deformation. Leather leather │ Taiwan original │ hand brush color │ exclusive order


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