[Customized goods] Marble custom gold name pair cup group (2018/8/31 revision)

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Prepare a person who cares for you: the exclusive name of the gold marble mug, is a warm heart gift, but it feels a lot of affection and sincerity. With the exclusive mug, in the heart, in life, in life, be the protagonist of the cover story again.



[Customized goods] Marble custom gold name pair cup group (2018/8/31 revision)


[About the shipment of customized products before and after the year] ●1/21 (one)-2/1 (5) Home delivery company cannot specify the arrival date. ●1/23 (3) Complete payment and complete the information note, which can be delivered before the year. ● 2/2 (six) - 2/10 (days) suspension of customer service and shipments. ● 2/11 (1) shipments returned to normal. Orders for customized products during the year are shipped in five (7) business days in order (complete payment and complete information remarks). Please refer to the webpage example to fill in the "complete" production information. If there are any missing, no production will be arranged! ! https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1894/42534934590_3088000d98_b.jpg ***This product is marbled mug + paste service, please read the ordering process and correct maintenance method 喔*** [Customized product ordering method] Please be sure to complete the "Name", "Font" and "Paste Direction" information in the order note. If you have special case requirements, please be sure to explain. If the information is incomplete, it will be asked first and confirmed after the confirmation. The complete information can shorten the confirmation time and join the schedule early! Fill in the example: Name: Douglas, Wendy Font: All use A. Ornate handwritten calligraphy Direction of labeling: Douglas (left), Wendy (right) Step1: Select the desired name calligraphy body, available in A/B. (The name must be in the "ten" character. The number of characters will affect the font size, and the designer will help you make the appropriate size adjustments.) https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1893/29406822127_db7e37c447_o.jpg Step2: Select the location where you want to make the name. The default value is on the left. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1841/44294452842_4407fd72a0_o.jpg [Customized Goods Ordering Rules] ★ The product will be sent within 5 working days (excluding the holiday) after the “Confirmation of all production information” (the production information will be sent out sooner without missing your product~). ★ Customized products are not accepted for return, except for the breakdown of the goods during the transportation process. ★ If you need a lot of custom, please contact us to confirm whether it can be made. ★ If you purchase more than six mug cups, please select "Home Delivery" because the volume exceeds the delivery limit of the supermarket. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1870/42534934410_26df1122f0_o.jpg [Marble Custom Gold Name vs. Cup Set Specifications] Content: Mug X2 Size: Mug (DIA 8.8 x H 8.5 cm) Capacity: 350 ml Material: white porcelain Place of Origin: Taiwan Processing method: hand-applied gold tin foil special paper Maintenance method: *Please wash by hand or sponge. Please wash and pay attention when washing. * Do not use your hands or sharp objects to remove golden tin foil to prevent it from falling off. * As long as it is gentle and properly used, don't worry about the name being easily peeled off. Q&A Q: Is it possible to microwave, oven and dishwasher? A: Do not put the mug made of gold paste into the microwave, oven and dishwasher. Q: Can I use a steel brush to clean? A: Due to manual labeling, the steel brush is easy to make the name fall off, which is easy to reduce the product life. Do not use it, hand washing or general sponge light washing. Other notes: * Part of the photo is taken in a life-based way. Because the light source and the color of each brand's screen are slightly different, the colors are different. Therefore, the color of the product is still subject to the actual color. * Each batch of ceramics will have slight differences in size and color due to factors such as firing. * Ceramic products due to process relationship, the product part will have pores, black spots, flow glaze, fine scratches, this is a normal phenomenon is not a flaw, the appearance is not obvious and does not affect the use, if you mind, please do not place an order.


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