2019 Watercolor Wind Calendar / Desk Calendar / Calendar / Christmas Gift / Exchange Gift - The Best Moment

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Christmas gift / 2019 water color pencil painting calendar / high quality imported Italian watercolor paper / faithful water color pencil delicate hand-painted brush stroke / suitable for writing feel warm / the theme of the month's solar atmosphere /


2019 Watercolor Wind Calendar / Desk Calendar / Calendar / Christmas Gift / Exchange Gift - The Best Moment


**2019 calendar + 2019 calendar tape "The Best Moment", the package is only 529 yuan.** Go to this link to place an order: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Upbv25ua https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449427-3177961632_l.jpg The Best Moment Spring, summer, autumn and winter, rising sun, Every moment, every scene, unique and beautiful. Loved ones, lovers, friends, The long-lasting fate interweaves every moment of happiness. Smiling years, The Best Moment. Good times, complete because of you. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449418-3806865892_l.jpg?v=1539449424 In front of each moonlight is a beautiful painting ~ The Best Moment. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449419-2841514752_l.jpg?v=1539449425 **|The front and back pages are carefully matched with the theme of the month's solar terms |** The front page is full-length of The Best Moment paintings. Each month, each section of the Jewish piece of feathers is carefully drawn, and every moment is a good time. The back page is also carefully matched with the previous page to design a note grid, and I look forward to a good taste of the sweetness of each day in the future. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449419-444168285_l.jpg?v=1539449425 **| 30 pages of different designs, as well as lunar calendars and festivals |** With a full 30-page calendar, in addition to up to 15 pages of The Best Moment full-length paintings, the monthly notes are carefully designed. With the theme of the month's solar terms, there are countless cute little illustrations, but also the lunar calendar, Taiwan special festivals, big note, next month tips and so on, warm and accompany you 365 every day. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449427-2303266954_l.jpg?v=1539449432 **| High quality imported Italian watercolor paper |** In addition to faithfully presenting the delicate hand-painted brushstrokes of water-colored pencil paintings, it is more suitable for writing and feels warm, allowing you to write down and draw your expectations for each day. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449428-681778082_l.jpg?v=1539449434 **|Hidden version of the small gift|** Specially presented 4 hidden versions of the Good Time business card card. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449420-3871358654_l.jpg?v=1539449425 https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539449420-16495589_l.jpg?v=1539449425 **|Specifications|** ■ Material: Imported Italian watercolor paper (260g) (The unique texture of watercolor paper, faithfully present water color pencil hand-painted strokes) ■ White coil, white bottom plate: warm and healing, warm your hands and your heart ■ Number of sheets: 15 sheets ■ Size: 20 cm wide x 14.4 cm high (including bottom plate: 20 cm x 16 cm) ■ Origin: Taiwan **Now, let's taste each page of 2019 The Best Moment!** January "New Life" Blooming, for every new moment. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-3111716754.jpg?v=1539188294 February "Hand in Hand" The left hand took the gentleness, the right hand took the sweetness, and the two hands took the most worthwhile waiting. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-3780092712.jpg?v=1539188294 March "The Companionship of the Stars" We are shining, we are illuminating each other, and in the deepest night, the most shining. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-828171167.jpg?v=1539188294 April "Water Colored Pencils Singing" Use the brush as a key to gently ring the dream of the hour, the song of the heart. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-810127926.jpg?v=1539188294 May "Flower" The wind came to the flower language of the lily of the valley. Listening is the voice of happiness. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-4108744221.jpg?v=1539188294 June "Qing Qing" It’s raining, and it’s a rainbow. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-1171766753.jpg?v=1539188294 July Sky Blooming, in the dream. Flying, in the sky. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-3412898474.jpg?v=1539188294 August "Unicorn" Not the world is upside down, but you are too special. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188289-188640582.jpg?v=1539188294 September "Golden Years" The golden wind is draped in the autumn colors, no longer busy chasing the hustle and bustle. We rest for a good life, quietly taste, and every moment of time is refined into gold. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188290-2647806836.jpg?v=1539188294 October "Companion" Warm, like the yellow light of the goose, sometimes directed in the distance, sometimes accompanied by, always unchanged, is the support of a lifetime. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188290-3399410274.jpg?v=1539188294 November "White Swan" Time is still, at this pure moment, everything is simple, you find yourself. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188290-544993635.jpg?v=1539188294 December "Aurora" You smile, you dance, you are the goddess Aurora, brilliant night. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1539188290-3775494267.jpg?v=1539188294


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