Wild animals and their shallow mountains: ecological series multi-function headscarf

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Although the Kirkir team does not have enough professional knowledge to help rescue, we can rely on the power of cultural creation to arouse the public's attention to nature, take it from nature, and give back to nature. Therefore, we design uniquely b



Wild animals and their shallow mountains: ecological series multi-function headscarf


Wild animals and their shallow mountains: "The animals in the shallow mountains - the eco-series multi-purpose headscarf" Product size: 42*23cm / piece Pangolin / Eurasian otter Different from the chemical dye headscarf that is commercially available, the persimmon dyed ecological headscarf uses persimmon skin to extract persimmon dyes. Combine the KirKir design team to create a skin-friendly and full-feeling temperature. Unique pollution of the earth color "Persimmon dyeing craftsmanship". Headscarf content: With a soft cloud dye pattern, it is matched with a single, second-hand drawing such as pangolin, Eurasian otter, etc. Zero pollution and aesthetic design will definitely make you the focus of the whole game. The KirKir team divides the work to obtain a single income, After deducting the cost of the headscarf sold, it will become a boost to wildlife rescue. Thanks to your support, we can do a better job of implementing the symbiotic symbiosis project of “Wen Chuang Supporting Conservation”. Beneficiary: Wildlife First Aid Station - is a research unit under the Ministry of Agriculture's Unique Biological Research Center. Founded in 1993, it is one of the few units in China that specializes in wildlife rescue and containment. It has taken over 8,000 wild animal medical rescue cases to date. ※Other beneficiary units are negotiating [Pangolin small file] Chinese name: Chinese pangolin Alias: Taiwan 鲮鲤 Family name: Pangolin Scientific name: Manis pentadactyla Distribution: The mountainous areas of Taiwan are distributed from low altitude to 2000 meters high mountains, most often at an altitude of 500 meters. When you are in danger, you will curl yourself up, like a big hazelnut, and protect yourself with hard scales. Pangolin is a viviparous animal, producing only one child per year. The growth rate of the ethnic group is slow, and the early catching of a large number of pangolins is a crisis of extinction. Subsequent to the implementation of the Taiwan conservation policy in 1990, the ethnic group of Taiwan’s pangolins had an opportunity to recover. However, in the policy of conservation, the pangolins gradually returned to ethnic groups. In the shallow mountain areas of Taiwan, they still need to face habitat destruction, road killing, beasts and wandering. Severe threats such as dog attacks [Eurasia Minamata Small File] Scientific name: Lutra lutra chinensis Category: Carnivora > Polygonaceae > Otters > Eurasian Oysters Ecological habits: semi-aquatic carnivores. The activity time is mainly nighttime. They prefer to inhabit the slower waterfront and need dense vegetation for them to hide. They have high environmental requirements and need clean water and sufficient fish and shellfish. Eurasian otter is the only otter that inhabits Taiwan. In the past, there was a sporadic discovery record on the island of Taiwan, but at present it can only be seen in Kinmen. The three major threats of Eurasian otters: habitat destruction, road killing and wandering dog attacks, etc., there are only less than 200. Protection level: listed in the IUCN Red Book as the near threat level (NT), listed in the Taiwan Red Book as Extremely Endangered (CR). 【Precautions】 ●The picture of the webpage will be slightly different from the actual product due to the shooting relationship. The picture is for reference only. The color should be based on the actual product received. ●The fabrics are hand-dyed and there will be some differences, but they are all unique hand crops. ●The product is made of natural materials. If there are spots or spots on the product, it is a natural phenomenon, not a flaw. ●The size may vary due to different measurements. 0.5-1 cm is normal. ●Each product is handmade, you need to wait patiently. After confirming your remittance information, we will be in the slowest within three weeks. The product is delivered to your hand (if there is any situation, there will be customer service to contact you) ●If you still have doubts about the goods or strict requirements on color and materials, it is recommended to place an order before communicating with us before ordering, to avoid misunderstanding or unpleasantness.


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