[Gemstones] time traveler bracelet

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[Gemstones] time traveler bracelet


Time trip natural ore elongated stone red garnet lap stone 999 sterling silver six words mantra carved beads bracelet https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4377/37251154782_7dbf5d58ac_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4458/37251154142_9d78029d00_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4449/37024546300_a513e10a6a_c.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4436/37024545950_e1b7cdf8ea_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4410/37233683686_9fef3a123c_c.jpg Garnet Garnet is one of the lucky stones in January, one of the Lingshi who represents love. English name for Garnet, by the Latin "Granatum" evolved, Meaning is like a seed with new life, beliefs and simple symbol, At the same time it is also considered to have a close relationship with the blood, A symbol of faithful love, can bring happiness and eternal love. Garnet's meaning for bringing happiness and eternal love, So the ability of garnet is [to bring] People think that the crystal contains the energy in the human body is left out of the right rule, There is a saying that garnet has the function of promoting regeneration and blood circulation. It is said that garnet can make people full of confidence, to eliminate the hearts of people worry, bring joy and joy of the mood. Can be evil spirits, good luck, bringing happiness auspicious, known as the body from the invasion of the body stone. Elongated stone Lengshi stone, also known as spectral stone, Because it can flashed like the sun's colorful light named With elongated stone calm, firm, long wavelength of energy characteristics, For easy fatigue, often physically handicapped, Quietly help you add strong vitality, Slowly increase physical strength, endurance For those who often need to work overtime, Wearing a feldspar, help unknowingly add strength. In the international arena has a certain position of the elongated stone, Naturally produced brilliant colors, distributed out of the spiritual function, Can gather money, recruit people, to enhance the overall energy of the wearer. Ladders are a few stones that correspond to the eighth chakras. From the elongated stone body can see more colors, representing the energy it brings is more diversified. (The eighth chakra is above our head, but not on the head, It is also known as the home of the soul, Through the eighth chakra can be connected with the higher self and soul, he occasionally merged with the top wheel) Lengshi stone can calm too active mind, stimulate imagination, Bring new ideas, which is very creative energy, also known as ramen stone for the artist gem. Can bring joy and spontaneity to life, Help to eliminate the daily emotions or exhausted responsibility, wake up the adventure and change. Elongated stone to encourage meditation and reflection, so that ideas, intuition, wisdom can have clarity, Help to eliminate hallucinations and daydreams, to identify the root causes of the problem and bring peace. Help to get rid of fear and insecurity, while enhancing confidence, trust the universe will take care of us, Bring the people we need, things, things, manifestation in life. Material: natural ore elongated stone red garnet lap stone 999 sterling silver (six words mantra carved beads). Japan stretch yarn. Size: Ladders: 7 mm. Red Garnet: 7 mm. Lapis lazuli: 8.5 mm. 999 sterling silver (six words mantra): 10 mm 925 sterling silver: 5 mm. 3.5 mm Hand around 13.5-14cm [ Precautions] 1. Please avoid high temperature and hard objects. Go to the beach to play, sunbathing, hot springs, etc. should not wear jewelry, Usually wear to play touch friction, body sebum can be its internal structure, Play a certain role in the protection of natural minerals more shiny beautiful. 2. Silverware maintenance. Usually do not wear, can be placed in the folder folder bag collection. Silver can be wiped with silver cloth or toothpaste. Please wash your moisture. The color may be different for each monitor screen. There will be a slight color difference. Please consider the above. 4. Photo and presentation of the museum. The status of the goods has been described as much as possible. If you want to know, please contact. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / handmade