Collagen antibacterial deodorant socks (monochrome) lunar gray

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1. The environmentally-friendly "UMORFIL® skin" and the internationally renowned "LYCRA® elastic yarn" are used as raw materials to provide good elasticity, reduce the risk of rapid slackening of socks, and extend the life cycle. 2, the


Collagen antibacterial deodorant socks (monochrome) lunar gray

商品説明 Socks have many functions: sweat absorption, warmth, and direct friction reduction. It is the same as other personal clothing. It is close to the skin for a long time. If it is an office worker or a student, it is more likely that more than one-third of the time will directly contact the skin, so we "UMORFIL® Skincare Fiber" was selected on the raw material. It is a bio-functional supramolecular technology that injects marine collagen peptide amino acid into textile fibers. It is a functional bionic fiber with soft and soft texture and soft touch. Sliding, the development spindle is locked in the "simulating skin defense mechanism", just like the second layer of skin, it has the functions of water retention, temperature and deodorization, anti-UV, anti-static, etc. Its highly skin-friendly connection touches the delicate baby. The skin is OK, especially for girls suffering from sensitive muscles. In the hot and humid climate of Taiwan, we can take care of every skin on our body more easily. #“UMORFIL® Skincare Fiber” is used as a raw material. It is rich in functionality: skin-friendly, warm, UV-resistant and anti-static. #Using the internationally renowned "LYCRA® elastic yarn", it has good elasticity, reduces the risk of rapid slackening of socks, and prolongs the service life. # Socks are thick enough to keep warm in winter and comfortable in summer. It is a multi-purpose socks that can travel around and walk around. #Style is simple and cute, the color selection is more, and it depends on it. Classic style, multi-color choice, jump color wear essential! It is not a thin stocking, it is thick enough to really protect the ankle, and it is the first choice for outing travel socks. Is it too late to get up early every day to get dressed? That's definitely the classic of this classic: Refreshing monochrome, 100-point safety card, logo small embroidery is simple, fresh and without losing texture, minimize the error rate, and easily win in the morning! Use "LYCRA® elastic yarn" to feel the elasticity of the stretch and extend the life cycle of the socks. Use UMORFIL® skin to keep your feet protected.


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