Dahuang blue dye blue gradient cotton shawl scarf

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Dahuang blue dye blue gradient cotton shawl scarf


Blue dye raw materials for the blue indigo and blue mud, extracted from the big Jing plant. Daxi is a family of jewels, perennial herbs, contains incredible blue indigo. Diajing through the fermentation process, you can pull the blue dye from the leaves and stems out, through the blue and blue and other complicated processes, repeated dyeing oxidation, so that green to take the blue, and blue in the blue. This width is wide, but when the shawl Cotton light and soft and comfortable The middle of the most white, from the middle outward gradient, the color from shallow to deep Surrounded by rich and varied color, but also very color Suitable for winter or cold air room cold Mim pure hand-dyed, guaranteed unique / Size, size, size / Width 100 * high 188 cm / Material / 70% cotton 30% 缧 萦 / Use and maintenance mode / 1. For cleaning, please wash separately, if some micro-fading when washing is a normal phenomenon. 2. It is recommended to use a neutral shower gel, shampoo, soak a moment (not long-term), to 30 degrees C below the water temperature by hand soft. 3. Do not use irritating lotions or bleach. 4. After cleaning, please hang in a cool place to dry, do not direct in the sun, in order to maintain its bright color. 5. Can be dried, please iron ironing please. 6. Collection regardless of the use of hanging or folding to avoid long-term exposure by the same light source, resulting in local fading. It is recommended to use opaque bags to bag or cover other fabrics. / Designer and brand profile / Plant dyeing process is quite complex Cloth scouring, tied / seam pattern, dye processing, extraction of dye Mordant treatment, cooling eat color, rinse, dry Mum looks from nature for a variety of plants that can be used as dyes Different material, variety, extraction time Each step will affect the results of the finished product Mim each piece of color and design are unique Hope that the feel of the temperature can be spread to everyone's life! Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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