HELLO! Turtle Bucket Bag - M

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Don’t forget to thank him humbly. With good love, this land and sea, gentle treatment, will always be


C'EST SI BON Handmade Jam

C'EST SI BON Handmade Jam ショップへ

HELLO! Turtle Bucket Bag - M


**|HELLO! Turtle cloth bag -M|**

Draw a turtle!
This picture comes from the beautiful memories obtained from the sea in these years.
Friendly earth and guarding the ocean are the beginning and the heart

When you see turtles in the sea
They always waved their arms gracefully and gestured like they were flying
The ocean is his home his sky his world
We strive to reduce our lives, and perhaps we can do our best to protect the ocean together!

This product can be used as a water bottle bag or other storage purposes
A cup of 700c.c. drink cup/ice hopper
Suitable for cups up to [9cm in diameter x 20cm in height]
The bottom can hold up to three cans of 130g hand jam
Or you can use other bags for packing.
Together we work hard for reduced packaging!
If you need to wrap each bag separately, please note when ordering

Size / W16.5cm x H19 cm x 8cm wide, total length 26cm
Intimate /
1- The above-mentioned products are clearly marked on the size. Please read more about the re-purchase. Don't place orders by way of imagination. If you are not merchandising, you cannot apply for a return without the original size.
2- Sea turtle graphics are produced by hand-printing. Each item has a slight difference. There is no machine precision but a little more feel. Perfectionist please consider the order

Material / Liuan pure cotton fabric

Maintenance and Cleaning /
Pure cotton embroidered bags are simply washed with cold water and dried naturally after washing.
After washing, it will shrink slightly to normal (if drying will shrink more)
This bag has sizing to facilitate the shaping of the fabric, so the touch and bag body will be more rigid
If you use it for a long time or wash more often, it will gradually soften and restore the original fabric characteristics
The stamping pattern may come off due to cleaning and use time, which is normal

Packaging is indeed a good feeling when shopping.
But more often than not, the packaging we meet is not necessarily inexorable and it is too complicated to present.
Not only is the cost of resources also an invisible waste

We look forward to the return of goods to the essence of the center
Instead of relying on the magnificence of the outside to attract your attention
We pay attention to environmental issues and try our best to simplify commodity packaging and not create more burden on the earth.
I also hope that this kind of thinking will allow more people to identify and practice

Jam bags will not be thrown into paper by you
Can accompany you for a longer time

Never think that you are ordinary enough to change the world
For the people we love, for the land we love

Even if only, a little bit

↟ ↟ ↟
To promote the concept of loving the earth, do a little to protect the heart of the earth
We don't overpack to reduce wasted resources and not create more burden on the earth

When re-sending, use the used clean cartons
No other wrapping paper bags are provided
But we will carefully pack the goods so that they are still intact when they are delivered to your hands. Please do not worry!


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