Made / Customized Breast Milk Soap-Avocado Camellia Soap 1kg (10 pcs)

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The anti-allergy of avocado oil and the water-holding power of camellia oil (organic) improve and soothe sensitive skin that is prone to itching due to dryness.



Made / Customized Breast Milk Soap-Avocado Camellia Soap 1kg (10 pcs)


Product photos are for reference only. Each production will be presented in different ways. If you have special preferences, you can discuss with the designer ~ The anti-allergy of avocado oil and the water-holding power of camellia oil (organic) improve and soothe sensitive skin that is prone to itching due to dryness. The main ingredients of milk soap are natural oils + sodium hydroxide + milk, and the quality and formula ratio of the intermediate natural oils and fats determine the quality of handmade soaps. The quality can be very good, and the cost can vary greatly, which also affects the price. I take each serving of milk soap made by my mother as if it is intended for my family, without cutting corners, 1000g of soap, at least 2% of pure essential oil, these essential oil fragrance will slow down with the time of soap drying Slowly evaporates, so when you receive the milk soap, it will have a faint aroma of essential oils and will not have a strong pungent smell (if it is, it will use flavors), but when the bath is exposed to hot water, the essential oil will gradually smell The beautiful color on handmade soap comes from the natural mineral mud and plant vanilla extract, which is good for you! ~ The oil used in the formula is a mild oil, most of which are avocado oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, hazelnut oil, olive oil, and camellia oil. We are a registered company There are also handmade soap materials and finished products sold. The oils used are bulk or original oils imported from importers. They are of good quality, large quantities and naturally cheaper, and the amount of coconut oil does not exceed 20 %, Mild and non-irritating, after long use, the skin really speaks! We have produced many mummy milk soaps so far, with high quality and good reputation, so that our customers can continue to accumulate ~ The handmade soap we make is made of high-quality vegetable oils. It is made at low temperature throughout the process, without adding chemical flavors and chemical dyes. It uses natural plant herbs or mineral mud to add color to handmade soap. It gradually evaporates over time, but it is a 100% natural product that can keep the skin away from chemicals. The finished product passes the SGS inspection of the four major metals. If we make the handmade soap in a dry place, it can be stored for more than 3 to 10 years. Only professional makers and high-quality raw materials can have unbreakable finished products. High, many professional handmade soaps start to show fuel consumption taste after one year. Precious breast milk is made by us, you can rest assured ~ If you want to order with your own breast milk, you need to send in breast milk ~ Delivery address of breast milk: soap soap handmade soap collection, 6th floor, No. 125-2, Anxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City (Please go to 7-11 for frozen home delivery, please inform the content as frozen food, if it is breast milk, some stores will reject it) If it is not convenient to go out to send breast milk, we can ask [Black Cat House Urgent] to collect it (the delivery cost is the same as the super delivery), and the freight is borne by the customer Reception time in Greater Taipei area: 15:00 ~ 18:00. Reception time in other counties and cities depends on the situation. If necessary, please contact the designer after placing an order. ★ The soap of soap pavilion has no bright color and no pungent fragrance Only natural plant extracts that really care for the skin All are time-consuming, hand-made cold soaps carefully selected natural high-quality vegetable oils Add a bit of slime, a little plant herbs, and a little creative factor Let handmade soap not only accompany you to bath every day You can even pack this naturally As a most environmentally friendly and creative gift to your favorite family and friends! ■ Instructions for Invoice Delivery The invoice is attached with the goods. If the invoice is not needed, it will be donated to the public welfare group. If you need to send another invoice [please make up postage 28 yuan]: ■ Origin / manufacturing methods ■ Taiwan / Cold


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