Meow hand ~ hairpin / night flower (rose red / brass)

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Meow hand ~ hairpin / night flower (rose red / brass)


Designer Sui Su read:
As a nameless incompetent star, my works rarely have a beautiful name, this hairpin body has done a similar design before, although the guests feel good, but the part of the drape always let me dissatisfied, so unless There is a guest or not really can not mention the interest; this time there are guests under the time to do a more, and then think that since it is a tree, then hang a lantern! Then ..... it was born, But then it is a tree that is blooming a lantern, it is not the night to see the flower? The name appeared on this, uh ... see the name is poetic, I do not seem to explain this poem ...

This hairpin is double-sided, the location of the beads is the same, the hanging is the activities of hanging hook, hairpin wear when you can choose to hang the position or demolition or stay, this section is a combination of multiple copper casting tied, hand-made The location will inevitably be a little difference (no two trees will grow exactly the same), so the location of the beads tied to the body is based on the decision, so the location may be on the map error, can accept the next single Oh.

Before buying, please be sure to read the purchase needs, so that I can have a pleasant trading experience.

Metal: copper (brass, gold).
Main beads: semi-precious stones (rose red chalcedony, watermelon crystal), Czech glass beads, glass beads and so on.

Purchase Notes:
1. All the materials are mainly connected to the wire, glue for the auxiliary, so the back or the gap will inevitably produce traces; the color of the picture will be as close as possible in kind, but sometimes still difficult to light or the display of the different Xu color difference.

2. Materials used in the semi-precious stones or glass may have such a small flaw, different natural stone may also exist color, please understand the unique natural material is that it is not perfect, and the glass may also have bubbles black spots Etc., but absolutely does not affect the overall effect.

3. Hairpin and hairpin when you take the pole force, do the pattern is not hard; hair comb type is the first dish of good hair and then inserted for a fixed decoration.

4. Most of the flat flower designer has been sprayed with transparent paint for anti-oxidation (cylindrical, round, chain, too small and other exceptions), but the metal jewelry still do not take a bath or hot springs , Please do not touch the water or chemical substances (perfume, etc.), if you accidentally stained, please gently wipe with a dry cloth, the gap can not be wiped out the place with the hair dryer cold air blown dry, and when not in use In the sealed bag to block the air to slow down the oxidation rate.

5. Hand-made things non-factory machinery production, can not be done exactly the same as nothing, can not accept those please do not order, and if you have any questions, please be sure to contact the designer before the next contact.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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