Purple Music - Advanced Natural Purple Tooth Red Pomegranate Red Amethyst Blue Moonstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Violet - High-grade natural purple teeth red garnet + red strawberry + amethyst + blue moonstone sterling silver bracele



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Purple Music - Advanced Natural Purple Tooth Red Pomegranate Red Amethyst Blue Moonstone Sterling Silver Bracelet










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**Purple teeth red garnet + red strawberry + amethyst + blue moonstone sterling silver bracelet**
**Garnet + Strawberry Quartz + Ametrine + Moonstone Silver Bracelet**
Purple Music

Color: purple
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Chemical formula: Mg3AI2[Sio4]3
Hardness: 6
Material: Natural purple teeth red garnet, red strawberry, ametrine, blue moonstone, 925 sterling silver (International Standard Grade 925)
Size: The diameter of the ball is
Purple Tooth Uranium Garnet - 4mm
Red Strawberry - 6.5mm
Amethyst - 8mm
Blue Moonstone - 5.5mm
***shop uses natural spar and minerals to ensure that it is 100% natural and genuine;**

There are three colors of red garnet, namely dark red, burgundy and purple red. Especially the purple garnet of the purple teeth is the rarest and the price is higher, while the deep red garnet is the cheapest. The output of really purple teeth is very small, so the resources in the market are also more intense, and common bad businessmen use burgundy, dark red to pose purple teeth, true and false is not good or bad. In the gem industry, only the purple red upper garnet can be called "purple tooth", its color is more purple, the crystal is transparent, the clarity is clean, and the color is moist.

**Red garnet**
The name of the red garnet comes from the Latin “pomegranate” granatum, which is related to its characteristic of resembling a garnet. According to legend, in ancient Greece and Roman times, many soldiers took it with them to treat blood-related diseases and provided physical and mental support. In addition, in medieval Europe, red garnet symbolizes love, and presents a red garnet to witness everlasting love and to form a relationship of love and trust. The red garnet is a kind of iron-aluminum series, which can be divided into deep red, burgundy, purple and other colors. This gem has a powerful force that can strengthen the heart artery, eliminate the pain of the spine, arthritis, strengthen the blood circulation, eliminate the role of cyanosis; and can promote the regeneration of cells and tissues, have beauty and beauty, accelerate wound healing, improve vitality.

**Red strawberry crystal**
**Strawberry Quartz**
Red strawberry crystal is a very rare spar, looks more like the color of the strawberry, a little bit of natural sediment inside, and like fruit seeds of strawberry, so called "red strawberry crystal." The quality of red strawberry crystals is more prolific in Russia. The red titanium crystals in the red strawberry crystals contain red stripe inclusions. Like the hair crystals, the main part of the red titanium crystals is quartz crystals. The red iron oxide crystals in the red strawberry crystals are crystallized due to their rich iron elements. Red and pink. The crystals of the finer red strawberry crystals are as clear as ice, so they are known as "ice crystals of strawberry." Due to its high net permeability, the interior has little natural cloud or ice stone, and its color is soft and ruddy. The light that shines in the sun refracts is shining, transparent and charming. Such gemstones contain infinite cosmic wisdom that can enhance our potential, judgment, memory, creativity, and intuition; turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
The soft and fluctuating energy of red strawberry crystals can excite the energy of our hearts. We can deeply feel the joy of giving love to others, and it is filled with an atmosphere of love and peace. It helps love fortune and makes people indulge in love. Inside. Only when the heart is full of love can we feel the exchange of love. Red strawberry crystals can improve women's sense of beauty, stability and emotion, can improve the charm of people, public relations, social forces, promote heterosexuality, help love the game. This energy stone plays a role in the endocrine system and activates the bloodstream to increase the immune-related thymus operation, improve immunity, and expand muscles, reduce wrinkles, and strengthen heart function. In addition, the red strawberry crystals can make vitality gradually flourish; more people can once again be excited from sadness or frustration, and have the confidence to face all the challenges of life.

Moonstone is produced in India. As its name suggests, it is closely related to the moon. The light formed by the reflection of shadows will change with the moon's profit and loss, so this name is called "Moonstone." Moonstone has been used as a healing stone since ancient times and is full of “mysterious” energy. In medieval Europe, lovers will give each other moonstones. It can predict the dangers in the journey and resolve them in time, which can bring the owner to predict the power of the future. In Europe, it is also known as the stone of lovers. .
The moon symbolizes the female's feminine face and the feelings of the Lord. When you have troubles and make your emotions uneasy, bring Moonstone around you to calm your shaken emotions and emotions. Moonstone can increase intuition, enrich the emotional surface, and also have the effect of promoting internal growth; it can also activate metabolism, and it can also play a healing effect. In addition, Moonstone can also eliminate stress and improve the role of obesity and hysteria.

Amethyst was used in ancient Rome as a gemstone ornament on the embossment. It is a purple gemstone with a symbol of noble temperament and is considered to be a highly spiritual spar; therefore, it has the power to increase the sixth sense and enhance the intuitive power. This energy stone has the ability to respond to the top wheel. It can increase spirituality, creativity, memory, and the role of judgment. It can also make one's mind calm, ease the emotional pressure of fear and trauma, and enable people to relax in tranquility and bring calmness. Judgment, the introduction of a positive outlook on life. In addition, this energy stone can bring wisdom, confidence and hope, and can enhance the positive action, can bring the power to complete the goal.
The design of this energy stone is the use of high-quality light purple-purple ametrine in combination with sterling silver and silverware design. It presents an elegant and fresh color as a whole, and can lead to a clear, noble temperament, which can lead to cold and warm and honorable. Jewels. Its energy can make the mind stable, increase the level of consciousness, and can stimulate inspiration and wisdom, and restore fresh thinking space.

**<Measuring Handcuffs Method>**
- Use a soft ruler to position the bone behind your wrist
- No need to tighten or reserve space
- Measure it gently on your hand
- The designer will adjust the length of the bracelet for you
- Please use cm to measure more accurately
**- Extra charges for handkerchiefs over 16cm are required**

**<Commodity care>**
- Brush silver cloth and moisture-proof bag
- Brush silver cloth to brighten sterling silver, but silver cloth cannot be washed with water
- Silver also cannot be washed with silver wash water
- When it is not worn, it can be put into a moistureproof bag and it can be used for oxidation prevention
- Take a bath and sleep
- The spar must be purified to maintain the effect of spar energy
- If the bracelet is damaged in the future, it can be sent back for repair

**<Product Service>**
By mail:
There are two mailing methods to send to Taiwan: -
1. Registered mail: -
- You can receive approximately 5-8 working days from Hong Kong
2 SF Express: -
- Received from Hong Kong for approximately 2-4 days to receive

Send to Malaysia by mail:-
1. Registered mail: -
- You can receive approximately 7-10 working days from Hong Kong
2 SF Express: -
- You can receive from Hong Kong about 3-6 days
**- Extra shipping charges, please contact the designer**

Other countries mailing time: -
- Please contact the designer to calculate the time


Since ancient times, spars have had an important influence on people's lives, and their richer connotations and implications remain to be discovered. Based on the modern science of seeking truth from facts and seeking truth from facts, many high-end medical instruments are created using the oscillations or light waves generated by the piezoelectric effect of crystals. In addition, the spar's energetics has a certain role in the healing of spiritual healing. It uses the energy magnetic field induction of spar to benefit the body's chakra operation to enhance the individual's energy field. For a long time, people believe that spar has a regulating and protecting effect on emotions, spirits, physical conditions, and the surrounding environment.
In addition, the spar has a feeling of seeing things and feelings, and their shapes and colors can extend the mind in the subconscious mind. People can try to use the body to touch the crystal to enter into a state of communication with it; and the information conveyed by the consciousness becomes a transmitter of a positive frequency, and a current is emitted from the brain. This electric current is converted into a belief and closely affects the interaction between the body and the heart. .

Founded in 2002, crystalplus's physical store has been focusing on natural materials, carefully studying the characteristics of spars, and designing different jewelry through “seeking, discovering, balancing, and coordinating” attitudes, breaking through the commonly used design patterns. With different techniques and original styles, it integrates the changes in modern life and conveys deeper design concepts. Our gem designer, aqua, has been engaged in spar-related work for a long time, often exploring the characteristics of different spar interactions, and using different colors, changes in spar properties, and then to match each other; The combination of science, science and aesthetics brings with it a layered and richly coloured design, combined with the skillful craftsmanship to create novelty-inspired designs.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Sri Lanka handmade Hong Kong original design


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