Pure Titanium Beer Mug (Prestige Black) 450ml with lid

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Light weight, no heavy metal, non-toxic, can be loaded with tea. Acidic drinks such as lemon juice The color is high temperature sintered titanium autochromic No chemical coating scratches can still be used safely Strengthening photocatalytic action is not


Pure Titanium Beer Mug (Prestige Black) 450ml with lid


Titanium: Space metal. Future metal. Play a steady positive energy in the universe 1600 degree vacuum high temperature quenching mysterious low-key black After the baptism of temperature, the drinks in the pot are also more gentle and smooth. Titanium team breaks through the technical threshold, following gold, cocoa and aurora Once again, the titanium industry was astounded, and for the first time, it burned black with its own high-temperature color. Monarch Black is paying attention to food safety today, without coating, colorless materials, more precious! https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_1.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_2.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_3.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_4.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_5.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_6.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/CUPS450-BK_7.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/no_welding01.jpg There is no welding at the bottom, and it is directly punched and raised by a piece of pure titanium plate. The technology is superb. It is more difficult to be scaled and safer and more durable than the welding methods used in the mainland and Japan. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/no_welding02.jpg The double-layer product is a self-welding method of high-temperature pure titanium in the cup mouth after integral molding, and does not use metal welding such as lead tin, which is safe and beautiful. *Double-layer design insulation, cold and cold drinks, cool * Strengthening the photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide is not easy to breed bacteria *It is not easy to add tea scale, coffee scale, even if you forget to wash it overnight, you are not afraid, wide mouth design is easy to clean. * Clean, safe and secure This page is the original color The picture below shows the high quality and simple packaging of the coffee cup~ Reusable and practical environmental protection https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cup_packaging.jpg Material: Titanium pure titanium / cup lid - non-toxic silicone Model: CUPS450-BK+COVER02 Color: Cup _ charm black / silicone cup cover multi-color optional Dimensions: caliber 9 cm x cup bottom diameter 6 cm x cup height 11 cm The lid is about 2.8 cm thick and 9.6 cm in diameter. Weight: approx. 68g / cup lid weight 28.5 g Capacity: about 450 ml (ml) Origin / manufacturing methods R&D, design and production are all completed in Taiwan. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/tiann_5c_580.jpg ★ Note: Since the double-layer cup is not completely heat-suppressed, it is recommended to hold the cup under the cup or add a paper cup cover to protect the high-temperature drink. The titanium tableware product series is a glossy metal product, and it is normal for the production process to produce fine lines. The photo of the webpage is for reference. Since the shooting light is different from the computer monitor, please refer to the actual product. Those who are pursuing perfection, please consider after purchase. Thank you! Please return the goods to ensure complete packaging (including the goods themselves, internal and external packaging, accessories, gifts, etc.). https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/ti_comp.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/Ti_report.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/TiFeature-01.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/TiFeature-02.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/Ti_Clean.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3JJ31-ko0c&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/CzMCw1crE7g


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