Sansanwuxiang Golden Needle Beige Travel Soap

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Blooming orange sedge on the pool, A symbol of warmth and great mother. Pair it with red palm oil from Africa and enjoy the warmth of your mother.



Sansanwuxiang Golden Needle Beige Travel Soap


Valerian beige soap silk travel bag B ---------------- A gentle and comfortable hand made soap, dense as snow, hence the name soap. In order to solve the difficulty of the delicate movement of the hand of the deaf child, Sansanwuxiang research and develop the unique soap group, and put the soap into the non-woven bag. "Without unpacking, you can get a unique and comfortable wash with water." The dosage is designed to be thrown at the end of the bath, and it is easy to travel without burden. Double the foaming, rinse quickly and come to a bubble feast. Natural and environmentally friendly, the raw material is natural and non-toxic against chemical pressed soap. It is easy to carry and solves the problem that the soap is soft and sticky and sticks to the backpack. Main ingredients / coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, Taitung small farm food in golden needle pollen, African red palm oil Suitable for skin type / neutral, dry skin ---------------- Rice bran oil – Rice bran oil is made from a layer of rice bran on the surface of brown rice. It is rich in vitamin E, protein, vitamins, etc., but it is lighter. It has relatively small molecules that are easier to penetrate into the skin and provide moisture and nutrients to the skin. It can wash out the dense foam in the sense of washing. It is a special oil that is loved by the users who are interested in the introduction or handmade soap. ---------------- Taitung small farm food in The gold needle in the gold silk forest rendering soap is provided by the "small peasant food". The golden needle flower field in which small farmers eat is different from the general planting in the mountains, but cultivated in the flat land of Chishang Township, Taitung County. Therefore, the freshest needles can be provided in the non-alpine gold needle season. In the market, the processed products of the golden needles are often added with sulfur dioxide to keep the sulfur content exceeding the standard during the preservation of the bright color and extended storage period. These sulfur-containing gold needles are also called "red needles and toxic gold needles". In the process of making small-scale peasant food, no sulfuric acid and other additives are added at all, and it is the best and safe sulfur-free gold needle for making soap. --------------------- Li Shengxian Culture and Education Foundation The Li Shengxian Cultural and Educational Foundation is located in the urban area of Taitung City. It is a small-scale operation office that mainly serves deaf children. It has been a long-time second-hand shop and handmade soap making for several years. The nephews in the head are all good soap makers. As long as they mention soap, they show better concentration and professionalism than the average person. Soap is not only for the finished product, but also for each child to have a confident smile after doing the soap. Every product of the Sansei East Image was successfully developed after several months of technology transfer and training. Each handmade soap is a pure hand made from the children of laughter. Taipei Autism Foundation Beitou Workshop The Autism Foundation Beitou Workshop is located in Beitou District, Taipei City. It is a small-scale operation that assists in autism for vocational training. The common trait of autistic children inside is "fixed", which is meticulous in many details. The Autism Foundation Beitou Workshop emphasizes that "the characteristics of autism are turned into advantages." Beitou Workshop does not regard the characteristics of autism as a disadvantage, but uses meticulous qualities to achieve product details. perfect. **Sansanwuxiang Handmade Soap TriSoap** Mid-Autumn Festival soap selection, and natural handmade soap good things, welcome to visit my design gallery! A large number of corporate groups purchase, and other offers, welcome to cooperate! Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan Taitung Handmade Handmade Public Welfare Social Welfare Group Small Works Magpies Natural Cold System (Li Shengxian Culture and Education Foundation Shengxian Self-Strength Convenience Workshop) Autism Foundation Collaboration Packaging (Taipei Autism Foundation Beitou Workshop) Taitung small farm pond on rice, rice, rice, rice, big eyes, sacred gold needle flower


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