Taiwan's contemporary well-known illustrator Xie Wei works - Flower Rain - copy painting 1/3

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Exclusive agent, Xie Zhenfeng's paintings copy the painting, warming your heart to the most healing ~ Limited to 3 pieces, this design hall won 1 piece, dedicated to the unique taste of you...


Taiwan's contemporary well-known illustrator Xie Wei works - Flower Rain - copy painting 1/3


Media: pencil, acrylic, digital Size: 31x23cm Limited edition print 1/3 (purchasable version: 1) ※The diagram is for reference only, please still refer to the above dimensions. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- [Xie Wei Art Micro Jet Print Description] The output company of Xie Tao Co., Ltd. is an Epson-certified art micro-jetting output center. It adopts the international standard color mode as the output standard and is equipped with GMG RIP international color management software. The company has professional color management control capabilities through Epson Art. Micro-jet inkjet technology with Epson and other diverse professional paper materials can present delicate photographic works or reproductions that truly restore the texture of the work. 2019 became the original certified output center of Canson in France. Canson is an art paper mill with a history of more than 460 years. In 1784, it won the title of Royal France Paper Mill. It has been loved by artists for hundreds of years and is the most in inkjet art paper. A long-standing brand. From the beginning of the invention of photography in the 19th century, Canson was the photographer's favorite paper, and in 1865 he obtained the patent for the production of photographic photo paper. Launched in 2008, Canson Infinity inkjet art paper, a collaboration with artists and photographers for centuries, continues into the digital age and has won three TIPA's Best Inkjet Photo Paper Awards, continuing to offer the highest quality imaging consumables. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- [painter resume] Xie Wei / Amelie Hsieh, Taiwan illustrator artist. Puli people. Education: Graduated from the Fine Arts Class of the Normal University of Taiwan Normal University. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Changhua Normal University. The style of the work is mostly depicting dreams and fantasy with animals or plants, accompanied by romantic and elegant tones, and the medium is mainly composed of acrylic and pencil. The unchanging creative philosophy is to convey the momentary feelings of gentleness and humor, and to record the fleeting worldview. He likes to travel for a long time. He has traveled in New York, Paris, London, Myanmar, Iceland and other cities. He continues to travel and create life with full-time illustrators and illustration teachers. Cooperated customers include publishing, advertising, construction, department store, etc. Has been invited to serve as an illustrator lecturer: * Xuexue Wenchuang Zhiye* Illustrator Class Lecturer-2013, 2014, 2017 Taipei * Cultural University Promotion Department * Illustrator lecturer - 2017, 2018, 2019 Taipei * China Film Studio * Illustrator Class Lecturer - 2018 Taipei Exhibition and Prize [Yiqi Feiyang Exhibition - Huang Zikai x19 Artistic Goddess x19 Artists] Li Gallery 2018, Taipei [Dajiang Department Store X Xie Wei Solo Exhibition] 2018, Taoyuan [Rejection of Christmas II - Resident Artist] 2016, Kaohsiung [Wandering Forest Illustrator Solo Exhibition] 2016, Tainan [Illustration Exhibition - Index Wenchuang] 2015, Taipei [Roaming in Space - Taoyuan Illustrator Exhibition - Taiwan Illustrator] 2015, Taoyuan [Yang Lai - Nan Feng Hui Art Theme Exhibition] 2015, Guangzhou, China [(MIXC) Trend Sculpture Joint Exhibition] 2014, Chengdu, China [Taoyuan International Bologna Illustrator Exhibition - Taiwan Illustrator Exhibition] 2014, Taoyuan [Hangzhou Building Department 21st Anniversary Sugerland Solo Exhibition] 2014, Hangzhou, China [Girls say goodbye to the illustrator exhibition] 2014, Taipei [Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Art Festival Exhibition] Hong Kong New Art Gallery - 2013, Hong Kong [Happiness is right now - New Year Art Season] CITIC Pacific Plaza - 2013, Shanghai [girl talk,girl stuff] girl illustration double exhibition, 2013, Taipei [The 6th BENQ True, Good and Beautiful Graphic Creation Award] Creative Award, 2013 Taipei [Fantasy Original Soul] Illustrator Daren Exhibition - Xinyi Hotel - 2012, Taipei [Taiwan Fine Art New Look Exhibition - Graphic Creation Series] 2011, Taichung [Sanli TV Station and Italy L'ERBOLARIO-Flower-Illustrator Exhibition] 2010, Taipei [GEISEI TAIWAN] 2009 Taipei Media/Media Interview and Publishing: "Girlsclub.Asia" Asian Female Artists - Media Interview / 2019 "Creative Danube - Taiwanese Female Artists" TV Interview/2018 "Key Review Network" Taiwan Illustrator Interview / 2017 Lifezone Magazine - Dream Illustrator / Interview (2015/07) "oknow Magazine" - Old Love Auction / Interview (2014/Fall) "dpi design popular creative magazine" - illustration classroom (2013/March 167) "dpi design popular creative magazine" - Taiwan illustrator / interview (2013 February / February 166) "ASIA YOUNG ARTIST" 2nd, (2012, Apportfolio Asia)


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