AirLight Action Outdoor Light Animal Wild Fun

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Action Animal Wild Lamp Set Patent airbag lampshade Travel with Aurora Chain Modeling lamp shades mood dining atmosphere



AirLight Action Outdoor Light Animal Wild Fun


Three in One: Patented Balloon Shade, Waterproof Snake Lamp, Storage Double Bread
DC 5V super power saving
350lm super bright LED
Storage size: 15x 10x 5cm
Expanded Size: 22x 16x 22cm
Non-toxic ultra-thick balloon shade
Magnets / Waterproof everything comes
Touch dimming (no mobile power)
(Can choose sky lantern style / ingot breeder / Yuanbao animal wild fun)

AirLight Aurora Chain - Outdoor Activity Partners

He is a balloon and a lamp
Balloon is foreign trade export patent balloon
Lights are waterproof multipurpose design strip lights

Aurora Chain
The biggest dream
We create Air Light.
You make the Light Life.

Designed for outdoor people and tasteful
Usable range
Light travel
Country walk
Backpacker self-guided travel

The main component of the Aurora Chain

Replaceable patent balloons
Flexible design snake light
Portable double-sided storage bag
Only 215g (excluding power)
It's as light as your Smartphone.

Power supply comes from mobile power or home 5V phone charger

Aurora chain of patent balloons
Designed specifically for Arkvie LEDs
Easy to accommodate and expand
Can also replace balloons of different shapes and patterns
Said lanterns are no longer unimportant

Another highlight of the Aurora Chain – Chain Love Snake Lamp

Snake light pin for outdoor design
Lightweight and easy to carry (only 60g weight)
Use any mobile power
Touch dimming facilitates control of desired brightness
Double-headed built-in magnet can absorb any iron product (including sheet metal gold)
Head glue can be used for hanging
Waterproof outside the power supply

Aurora chain designed a special admission package

Solve the problem of carrying
Aurora bag can be incorporated special balloon / mobile power / chain love snake light
Aurora bag double-sided use can be hung or placed
Aurora bag with hidden hole to use the touch controller

When can I use the Aurora Chain?

When you plan to travel lightly, take it with you

Even traveling by car
Still easy to use
5V USB allows you to use electricity without burden
Magnetic function allows you to paste any part of the car
Aurora chains with styled airbags can also be placed in the dining area
Or on the floor
Making travel is easy
The soft light of the Aurora chain makes friends more comfortable.

Even with friends/lovers in country lanes

With Aurora Chain Makes You (妳) Safer
With the Aurora Chain, let you enjoy the current state of mind
With a chain of aurora you (妳) warm the other person

Mountaineering and hiking
Chains of Aurora can be used on the move or at night in tents.

When people are engaged in mountain climbing activities, the most troublesome is the night lights.
Especially if the sky is dark and far away from the destination.
Can hold the chain of love in Aurora chain
Tied on a backpack
Make it easier for your friends to follow you
Let all friends feel more at ease together

Snake light E.jpg

When you arrive at your destination
It also allows the Aurora Chain to increase the atmosphere of convergence
Not only can you easily install the tent
Also enjoy the joy

When the week does not arrive
The Aurora Chain allows you to arrange two days and nights with ease
Aurora Chain Makes You More Fun at Night Party

Week is not supposed to be full of laughter
With Aurora Chain
Whether on the beach or in the mountains
Whether at camping or camping
You (妳) can share with your friends
You (妳) can be happy with friends

Or you want to have a small party in your own backyard
You (妳) can decorate the chain of Aurora
Easy to use
Not only when lighting
Can also be used in a situational atmosphere
Let friends laugh and feel more comfortable

More importantly, the chain of Aurora not only brings you convenience
Create a brighter and cleaner life
Aurora Chain Reduces Unnecessary Electronic Parts
Aurora Chain uses DC 5V low voltage and low current in combination with reusable mobile power
The chain of Aurora is not only a single function, but the design of the detachable part can be applied to more fields.
Does not cause waste of resources

Compared to other lanterns
Aurora Chain Saves Energy and Saves $$$
The Aurora Chain is able to receive energy, the smallest space with the largest light efficiency and light type
The Aurora Chain not only provides lighting but also can be used as a mood atmosphere light

The detailed specifications are as follows

Storage bag color

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Design
Accept customized commission


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