Round Lures Zipper Coin Purse - Waxing Blue WAXED DENIM Good Sewing Leather Kit Free Lettering Manual Bag Couple Gift Purse Paper Bags Simple and Practical Italian Leather Vegetable Leather Leather DIY

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[Good seam] Round zipper loose paper bag 🤣🤣 Official debut slightly ~ unique round and attached organ design, large stor


Round Lures Zipper Coin Purse - Waxing Blue WAXED DENIM Good Sewing Leather Kit Free Lettering Manual Bag Couple Gift Purse Paper Bags Simple and Practical Italian Leather Vegetable Leather Leather DIY


[Good seam] round zipper loose paper bag 🤣🤣 official debut ~ Unique round shape with an organ design, large storage space, easy to place folded notes, change, Octopus/tours, and keys, etc. Exclusive R & D chips, round zipper no difficulty! ! With the custom-made YKK gold teeth zipper, the famous Italian leather factory NUTI produced, the whole plant is extremely rare soft hand, personal transformation of the traditional artisans to wax the leather, the achievements of the most natural texture and luster; [Good sewing] Waxing wax purse purse leather DIY kit 呎吋:105mm (W) x 100mm (H) Material selection: Made from Italian tanned leather NUTI Leather Factory Include: cut holes in leather pieces, sewing needles, wax lines, zippers, wood chips, leather rope, glasses cloth (rubbed with wax) bags and heart 咭 The round zipper pouch is best suited for the simultaneous placement of folded banknotes, change coins, Octopus/tours, and keys to facilitate daily use, carry around, and personally create a protective layer for the leather after waxing, adhering to the fine Italian leather traditions, year after month. According to the use situation and the surrounding environment, the skin color changes with the change of year and blooms a unique luster and feel. [Good seam] round zipper purse leather DIY kit | Teaching Videos , Method sew hole design, according to the product for you to adjust the most appropriate sewing hole angle, easy to achieve professional suture effect ~ ,, Exclusive "cross hole" sewing hole design, so that both sides of the sewing line at the same time obliquely beautiful! 【Traditional tanning country - Italian vegetable tanned leather carefully selected】 for you to select the Italian vegetable tanned water dyeing layer of cattle leather, made from the branches of the Nordic production of crushed powder, the traditional method requires rigorous time, the Italian plant tannins odor, and durability Very high, feel hard to feel softer, more glossy, oil absorption, skin color by tide, deep, incredible changes over the years! [from the footwear industry's white skin] The name suggests is leather coated with white wax leather, the earliest from the shoe waxing process, and later was widely used in leather goods wipe color effect. Through the generation of manual friction and heat, part of the wax will melt into the leather surface and form a unique rubbing effect. [About press content and location] We provide free press service for you. Please specify the press content (size, pattern, symbol, etc.) and location when placing an order. If no location is specified, the designer will pick the best location for you. - Leather Material Engraved Font A - Handwritten Uppercase, Lowercase, Pattern, Numbers - Leather material engraved font B - Scribble uppercase, lowercase, number - Leather material engraved lettering C-2017 latest handwritten uppercase, lowercase, patterns, figures [Send to Taiwan] As SF Express declaration is required, the ID number must be provided for the residential address of Taiwan; the full name of the company must be provided for the Taiwan business address. Please indicate when ordering to ensure the delivery progress. 【Needs for Shipment (Central, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan)] Delivery is made on the second working day after the order is placed and is usually arrived 2-10 business days after delivery. *Other areas: separately, please talk with private news 【Precautions】 - The color of the photo may have a chance of deviation. Please refer to the actual product. - Leather is a natural material, and the appearance of growth lines, insect spots and uneven colors are all normal phenomena; - Vegetable tanned leather is subject to various changes in the environment and degree of use. To maintain the appearance and maintenance, it is recommended that after the completion of the renewal, the skin is coated with a special detergent for leather and mole oil; - This product contains small accessories and sharp objects that are not suitable for children under six years of age. Children between six and 12 years old must be accompanied by adults and should be handled with care. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Hong Kong MADE IN HONG KONG