TOFU Travel Modular Utilities Adapter Charger

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● Travel modularized mini universal adapter, mini universal USB charger ● Support Apple charger to do global plug conver



TOFU Travel Modular Utilities Adapter Charger

商品説明 TOFU Como - The perfect travel charging solution British regulations, European plug is always so big? Inconvenient storage and easy to scratch the laptop? The world's most elegant adapter group All in one tiny piece of tofu. There is no product like this on the market. Perfectly incorporated - UK, EU, AU, US pins are housed in a mini TOFU. TOFU Traveller - Perfectly compatible with MacBook chargers (such as MacBook 15 ", MacBook 13", MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc. are all fully supported). The smooth ivory look perfectly fits Apple's charger. Modularization and positioning latch design The use of the module change function and the locking pin positioning structure design allows the pins to be automatically fixed in place by mechanical principles when the pins are opened and folded. That is to say, it can make appropriate changes according to different needs and it can ensure that the structure is sturdy but lightweight. It is easy to switch between various pins with one hand and fingers. It is easy to use in countries around the world. Saves approximately 62% to 68% of volume compared to conventional adapters TOFU Charger - A modular charging design that is compatible with TOFU traveller's various pin types. As a universal travel charger, USB fast charging can be provided for your phone and tablet at the same time. TOFU Traveller & Charger Modular Expansion Design TOFU's special modular design allows you to use TOFU Traveler with TOFU Charger variants at the same time. It will instantly become a powerful and globally-used travel charger. Fast Charging - Supports two devices to charge the TOFU charger at the same time for USB 2.4A fast charging, and supports 100V ~ 240V AC equipment charging at the same time. Low force stable design TOFU Charger uses a low-pitch stable design with a physical lever principle, minimizing the leverage effect when inserting the socket with a very small thickness and making your charging connection stable and worry-free. NFB fuseless safety insurance design In the event of a power overload or transient surge, the safety mechanism of the fuse will automatically start interrupting the power transmission to protect your equipment. However, you may not have the extra time to manually replace the fuse while traveling; the inconvenience of any charging may delay the trip. The NFU fuseless switch designed by TOFU Charger can effectively solve this problem. The dangerous automatic interruption and recovery do not need to replace the fuse. TOFU Traveller and TOFU Charger can be used seamlessly. The modular design allows you to freely assemble TOFU Charger and Traveller according to your situation and needs. The flexible expansion function makes it easier to use. Compact size mini volume True red (しんく) design The true red design of TOFU's internal structure not only reminds you that TOFU Traveller or Charger has not been assembled correctly. Travel flight bag TOFU Mini Magnetic Flashlight In order to make your travel and life more convenient, we have designed a magnetized LED miniature flashlight that can be charged with micro USB and better fit with TOFU. It is also the best helper in travel. Travel gadgets Portable. elegant. practical This product specifications ■ Name: TTS Traveller Traveler ■ Application: British, Australian, European, American ■ Size: 3×3.8×5.8 cm ■ Weight: about 62g ■ Name: TPA Charger Charger ■ AC input current: Universal 100~240V AC ■ USB input/output current: 2.4A / 5V ■ Size: 3×3.8×5.1 cm ■ Weight: about 55g Design: Aplustec Japan Designer Place of Origin: China (Singapore Factory) Warranty: one year Warranty scope: non-human factors, new products Material: Fire PC ※Remarks 1, if this product does not meet your needs, please do not open after purchase 2. This product is only for the use of electronic products with USB plug (DC4.75V~5.25V) for charging purposes. The mobile phone or USB peripherals with special specifications may not be able to use this product. 3. When using this product, keep hands dry. 4, please place the product in infants and children is not easy to obtain 5. When using this product, keep hands dry 6, please place the product in infants and children is not easy to obtain 7, due to different personal computer settings, the actual product color is based on shipping


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