Broken Buns Cotton Dry Bouquet Graduation Bouquet Flower: Go ahead

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Broken Buns Cotton Dry Bouquet Graduation Bouquet Flower: Go ahead


Brand story:

YOLO means you only live once

Before the dying, the time will freeze, in another stage "recovery rebirth"
After drying the flowers still maintain the original colorful colors, compared to flowers without losing color, but add a retro elegant posture.
Colorful years after the flow, a long time unforgettable, with immortal memories ~

Yolo Lab has the courage to try the mix of various kinds of flowers, hope to stir out more design inspiration, and by dry flowers for the daily bring new touches, new texture, to find people and flowers happy new relationship, also echo the "recovery" of Deep meaning.

Product diameter of about 30cm, width of 25 cm (manual measurement is difficult to slightly drop, do not mind the words ~ welcome to buy!)

1. Flowers in the process of growth, the flower type will be different, not exactly the same shape.
2. The use of flowers will be seasonal because of the production has changed, we will choose the best season for the use of flowers.
3. Product photos are outdoor natural light shooting, but the goods can not guarantee the shape of the shape, color, packaging will be exactly the same.

Fell to the ground bell, Egyptian cotton, stars
Fell to the ground bell language: courage, strong vitality, deep and unique charm.

1. Dry flowers suitable for ventilated place.
Avoid contact with moisture in a humid environment, extend its viewing life, and recommend standing to enjoy, often touching and shaking may increase the chance of drying flowers and damage. Because the flowers have not been chemically treated, so by the impact of the climate and the environment is also a natural damage to the normal situation Oh.

2. To avoid direct sunlight, the color can be maintained for a long time.
After drying the flowers will be with the passage of time, the color will have different degrees of fading phenomenon, are normal natural changes. To avoid direct exposure to sunlight, the flowers of the original color can maintain a little longer time.
Take good care of dry flowers can save more than six months!
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade