Gold-plated activity hook key ring dark blue double leather

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[Give a solid partner to the keys] Made of 2mm thick and durable leather material, A brass buckle on the leather that can be hung on a belt or backpack. You can use the golden activity to tick or buckle back the key ring. It is no longer necessary to remov


Gold-plated activity hook key ring dark blue double leather


『Product Details 』 × size: width 3.4cmx13cm (hand amount is inevitable error) ×Applicable model: General × leather: vegetable tanned cow leather × stitching: white ×Neri: Two pigskin × zipper cloth: no × Metal fitting color: gold, the color is the second-hand trace of brush ancient effect ×Special note: This golden key ring and the active hook are some color difference, please pay special attention to ~ × Color selection reference: does not contain color! 『About leather』 × Leather is a material that can be used for several years, and it can be traced back to the primitive era thousands of years ago. Unlike the general plastic bags to be replaced, good maintenance can be unbeaten for a long time! ×The normal phenomenon of wear or oil consumption will cause different traces due to usage habits. × Do not use organic solvents to clean, will cause discoloration ×Maintenance leather is basically one week of nursing, not commonly used once or twice a month. ×Unusual leather parts should be placed in the light-free ventilation × If you do not have leather care procedures, it is recommended not to touch the water as much as possible, do not put it in a damp place. ×The leather itself has joint marks, scars and plaques. This is the natural beauty that can be accepted for purchase. "Lettering instructions" ×Letter does not accept Chinese lettering × Use manual knocking to visually align, not straight as printed, please pay attention! ×There is no 7-day appreciation period for the lettering, and the "Customer Specification for Exceptions" is guaranteed for the 7th day of the Consumer Protection Law. × dark leather branding will be less obvious × If the lettering is wrong, please contact the designer directly and will handle it as soon as possible! × lettering scheme is as follows: "package instruction" The main packaging of the library is mainly used for the second-time recycling of clean cartons, and the packaging box is not purchased in large quantities to save paper. Generally, there is no purchase of exquisitely packaged goods, and there are still basic complete packaging bags. If you need gift packaging, please add a special custom packaging in the design hall to protect the earth and make environmental protection. (Additional packaging is in cowhide box, please refer to the website: ●The basic package is a retro package bag, and the inner leather parts are completely packaged in transparent bags (the following picture is an example) 『Other instructions』 Please be sure to read the [Design Hall Trading Policy] before purchase~ There are detailed shipping and after-sales guarantee instructions! If you have any questions or needs, please contact the design office and we will serve you as soon as possible.


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