Pre-order - Gifts pairs mr selected pure honey on pure _ 2017 · Spring Limited freshly plucked (a total of two bottles)


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  • Currently mr. Pure is pure bee honey freshly plucked field collection 2017 (jade lotus bud).
    mr. pure pure fresh purest honey in the most famous.
    If you can accept 4/26 arrival, then please order
    Prerelease direct, fresh taste of products, enables you to repeatedly aftertaste.

    mr. pure pure affirmed process

    2014 Baida cultural and creative design awards
    Won the 2015 North American International Importers Association recommended products
    2016 ROC Duiwaimaoyi Development Association - international gifts Product guests
    2017 third-love television series of interviews with honey
    National honey bee farm Competition - first prize for five consecutive years (2012 until now)
    Bee field drug test by 31 consecutive years (1986 until now)
    5 consecutive years the German laboratory TUV Rheinland Davidoff in line (2012 until now)

    - Most fresh tasting bee farm direct delivery. Just like the bees collect site tasting fresh general -
    Taiwan's two major honey season - Jade Hebao & honey longan honey. The first year into the season jade lotus bud nectar season, mostly falling early March. But this year, 2017 affected the weather suddenly cold suddenly warm, the delay time course nectar. Makes mr. Pure collection began only after mid-March. Although the acquisition delay, but insisted the most "fresh" natural honey can not be discounted.
    This pre-order will be the most important jade Hebao 2017 most fresh honey, bee farm in the collection, verification ... through other procedures in the shortest time course, retain the most "fresh" Honey, direct send your location.
    Prerelease direct, fresh taste of products, enables you to repeatedly aftertaste.

    Pure means: a good taste of pure taste of nature

    mr. pure bee farm has 45 years of experience and support.
    In 2012 the introduction of top design combines honey family life. For you to create top-tasting trilogy (the first product, the deposit, after Tibet), and deep customer support and affirmation.
    2016 mr. Pure re-introduce purely as the main mr. Option pure honey and pure enthusiasts to share the good taste once again the pure.
    The election on behalf of pure honey will all return to the most primitive purity. Like being unable to grasp Yuanshisenlin like this and expect tasting honey. Nectar is the main Yu Hebao nectar taste, or grapefruit, or pineapple flavor ... and so on, to enrich your taste buds. Since the election of pure honey in a "pure" core. Pure honey products, namely on the election spindle pure honey to share with you.

    Pure honey ever-changing & the best way to access
    Pure honey contains no artificial additives, so the honey will evolve as the climate, or significantly light, rich or significantly more likely to crystals at low temperatures, it is natural for a change, please enjoy peace of mind. As has been crystallized, can be used directly with a direct pick porcelain or other wood. When tasting the flavor is different from the liquid honey, and worth savoring!

    Brand: mr pure pure.
    Name:. Mr selected pure honey _2017 Chun limit on pure freshly plucked
    Contents: Natural Honey
    Nectar source (primary): Jade Hebao nectar
    Honey Weight: 420 ± 10 g
    Country of Origin: Taiwan
    Food Additives: None
    Year of acquisition: · Spring 2017
    Manufacturer: Sweetheart Mr. Enterprises Ltd.
    Customer Service Tel: Zero shop - One One Three Five II II II II
    Manufacture date / Expiration Date: As shown on the packaging
    Retention period: 3 years (according to the Department of unopened and stored under normal conditions of government)
    Storage: room temperature, avoid direct light limiting. High temperature and humidity; easy to produce crystallization at low temperatures or in the refrigerator. Is a natural phenomenon
    Note: Infants under one year of not eating honey.

    Ingredients - natural grape sugar is mainly monosaccharides fructose and natural natural honey. Without any artificial add!
    This product has 30 million Fubon insurance product liability insurance. Please feel at ease to taste
    (Ps how bees collect, mr. Pure texture after strict selection, on how to give its entire journey without adding any drop is not "honey" of the original elements into account. Please feel at ease to taste)
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan pure honey
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Pre-order - Gifts pairs mr selected pure honey on pure _ 2017 · Spring Limited freshly plucked (a total of two bottles)

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