Pure double layer cotton and linen diagonal jacket

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Both the inside and outside choose the cotton and linen fabrics produced in Taiwan; the simple and simple style of the diagonal open placket has no other fancy.



Pure double layer cotton and linen diagonal jacket


【**Product Story and Description**】 The prototype of the clothes comes from my grandma It was learned and transformed into the old clothes my grandma sewed when I was a child. I like the simple and simple style of its diagonal opening The choice of fabric Both inside and outside choose cotton and linen fabrics produced in Taiwan The choice of color I chose three colors that I think are harmonious and beautiful Forgive me for being a sentimental person Make clothes for your children Always write your own temperament and aesthetics If you like it too Treat it as our consensus Or a distant wave and nod 🙏 ● This placket opens to the right ● Material -Inner and outer layer|Cotton ● Dimensions -80 -90 ● This style provides other sizes and fabric customization Welcome to write to get fabric color card and other detailed information ● Washing matters -Hand wash is recommended. -Clothing made of cotton and linen may fade during washing. Please wash it separately from clothing of other colors to avoid staining. -After washing the cotton and linen material, the actual size error within ±2cm is within the normal range. ● Commodity photos and actual colors The color of the product photos is as close as possible to the actual product, but because each monitor is different, there will inevitably be some color differences. If you have any questions about the color, please write to us. ● Delivery time The goods are made after the order is placed and will be shipped 20 working days from the next day after the order is completed and paid (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). https://i.pinimg.com/564x/32/de/aa/32deaa077cb1e3fdd0d551df98c47709.jpg 【**What is handmade clothes**】 The hand-made clothes understood by "You Are" means that you can independently complete a piece of clothing from beginning to end (fabric selection, drawing, cutting, and sewing), which is called hand-made clothes. It is not limited to whether you use robotic clothes or sew clothes by hand. The key point is that you are not part of the modern assembly line, and your body is not part of the machine. You are a complete person making clothes for another complete individual. "You are" hand-made clothes, and the objection is assembly line operation. Emphasize-the independence of one person to complete a piece of clothing. Emphasize-mutual respect and fulfillment between creators and users: producers have the value created for others, and users affirm the value of others and themselves through the value of things. Thank you for supporting me by action Thank you for supporting you through action https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d9/c8/8e/d9c88e3955774da1b12274f5ed70cdce.jpg 【**About your brand of herding sheep on the hillside, I sing my song**】 I grew up wearing a hand-sewn cloth with my grandmother. I want to continue to pass on an emotional connection to my children and to millions of other people in the world through "clothes", the intimate objects that have accompanied me since birth. Ten thousand children. I also hope to be able to connect and empathize with millions of women and millions of mothers in the world by sharing clothes for myself and children. ────────────────────── 【**Notes**】 1. There is no exchange service. If you are not satisfied with the product or the size is not suitable, please contact us for return within 3 days after receipt, do not evaluate and apply for a refund in advance. 2. Regarding the returned goods, please keep them brand new, and agree to the refund application after receiving the returned goods after inspection. 3. The appreciation period is not equal to the trial period. If there are traces of use, damage, stains, peculiar smell, or incomplete accessories, no return will be accepted.


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