Fruit knowledge of autumn-Customized New Year Red Hanging / Ear Pin / Ear Clip

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Hand-made, not easy to drop beads, materials are from Japan, colors can be customized.


Fruit knowledge of autumn-Customized New Year Red Hanging / Ear Pin / Ear Clip


✧ Fruits know autumn The highly acclaimed fruit Zhiqiu has launched the**red**version! It is more white and white, and echoes the lively New Year. It is definitely a work worth starting! In the autumn, the fruits that have been brewing for a whole year are finally ripe, not depressed due to fallen leaves, not sad with falling flowers, and the sun is hiding and the weather is cold, the red is like the fire, the yellow is like the moon, and the gray is lit. Season, lift your head, warm into the heart of the color, bloom in your ears. When I saw this bright red modeling bead in Japan, I thought of the image of fruit accumulation and harvest in autumn. I want to hang a fruit that looks like red to water in my ears. It must make you beautiful Super delicious! / Dimensions/ The ear seat part is about 2 cm Ear pin / changeable ear clip / Material / Swarovski rhinestones and enamels. /Precautions/ △ Earrings are sanitary products, please forgive me for not accepting returns. In the event of a bump or injury on the delivery, please notify the designer as soon as you receive the item, confirm it is correct, and return the product within 3 days. The designer will reorder the product as soon as possible. Resend it within the day. △ 95% of the product parts in the design museum are purchased in Japan. Although the workmanship is excellent, it is still necessary to avoid contact with volatile chemical products such as perfume and alcohol. △ I have tried to adjust the color of the shot as close to the actual product as possible, but because the settings of the mobile phone and computer screen are different, the color and screen may be slightly different when receiving the product. △ Earrings are 100% handmade, and there will be unavoidable minor flaws (residual glue, bubbles, shape, fingerprints). Please carefully consider whether you can accept the purchase. △ The prices of all products include products + packaging materials and exquisite packaging boxes. /delivery time/ △ The whole hall is made to order, about 7 ~ 10 working days, some products are in stock. If you need urgent gifts such as gifts, please contact the designer! /Care instructions/ △ Before wearing jewelry, please perform perfume spray, sunscreen lotion, lotion, etc. to avoid contact between jewelry and irritating substances. △ Three-dimensional jewelry, please be careful not to hook clothes, bags or other items, and do not bring sports, housework, or exposure to the sun. △ After wearing, please wipe off the grease with a soft cloth, put it in the chain bag, and then store it in the storage bag. △ No matter how good the metal parts are, there is a possibility of discoloration. If there is oxidation and discoloration, it is normal. / Intimate reminder / △ It is normal for metal parts to oxidize and fade!


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