[IPhone case] Black calfskin | Shatter-resistant fully covered | Hong Kong hand-sewn leather goods

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The stylish leather phone case makes your iPhone unique.


[IPhone case] Black calfskin | Shatter-resistant fully covered | Hong Kong hand-sewn leather goods


**【About Products】** Size: 7/8/SE2 (width)70mm | (length)140mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 7Plus/8Plus (width)81mm | (length)160mm | (thickness)10mm Size: X/XS (width) 73mm | (length) 145mm | (thickness) 10mm Size: XR (width)80mm | (length)154mm | (thickness)10mm Size: XS Max (width)80mm | (length)160mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 11 (width)80mm | (length)154mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 11 Pro (width)75mm | (length)147mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 11 Pro Max (width)80mm | (length)160mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 12Mini (width)70mm | (length)135mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 12/12 Pro (width)75mm | (length)150mm | (thickness)10mm Size: 12 Pro Max (width)83mm | (length)165mm | (thickness)10mm Chassis: Black four-sided fully covered protective shell Leather: Ebony calfskin **【About Leather】** We provide a variety of leather materials and colors. If you want to choose other leathers, you can buy them from the following website. Reminder: If you use the mobile version to watch, you can tap twice to enlarge the picture. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49637691773_dcc0605d64_k.jpg **Badalassi Carlo Pueblo frosted cowhide series** The vegetable tanned cowhide made by the famous Italian factory Badalassi Carlo Tannery has a unique frosted texture on the surface and a novel touch. The leather will gradually become smoother as it is used longer. (7/8/SE2 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/PLrNtUj5 (X/XS series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/aZ9TWbKf (11/12 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/ckaPeWfV https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49638217561_2ac43b997d_k.jpg **Calfskin series** As the name suggests, calfskin is leather from young cows, so it is particularly soft and smooth, but it does not lose its toughness. (7/8/SE2 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/RGcU6Ukp (X/XS series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/G99th52R (11/12 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/VaW5jQgK https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49637691663_3266dd9dcf_b.jpg **Cross pattern cowhide series** The surface of the cross-grain cowhide is composed of multiple criss-crossing lines, which is full of grace. The tanning method of chrome tanning also makes it highly waterproof and scratch-resistant. (7/8/SE2 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/bLV8H83d (X/XS series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/tMqYrTmB (11/12 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/ghKQ4czY https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49638492062_6b41a1b741_k.jpg **Conceria Walpier Buttero vegetable tanned cowhide series** The famous Italian factory Conceria Walpier is famous for producing high-quality vegetable-tanned cowhide, among which the colorful Buttero series are especially popular. (7/8/SE2 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/QriTEJFu (X/XS series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/AjnfWfUx (11/12 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/fsTKZM5f https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49638491887_2666eb9720_k.jpg **Japan Tochigi Tochigi Cowhide Series** Established in 1937, Tochigi Leather Factory in Japan specializes in using traditional methods to make vegetable tanned cowhide. Its finished products are known as the highest level in Japan and are also very popular internationally. It has tight fibers and a smooth surface, and the skin color will gradually become darker and full of playfulness as you use it. (7/8/SE2 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/jUirdkvy (X/XS series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/pz9qJxJ6 (11/12 series) https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/dVsCf6gJ **【About customization】** We provide customized word pressing service, the word (height) is 4mm, please inform us what you want to press (limited to 10 uppercase English letters) and color when placing the order. Example: MINNIE (gold) Intimate note: Calfskin is easy to fade when ironing. It is recommended to choose colorless ironing. The cross pattern itself has more lines, so it is recommended to choose colored ironing. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48202173882_7abe51ecb7_b.jpg **[About shipping and packaging]** From confirmation of payment to completion of production, it takes about 10-20 days. Hong Kong and Taiwan: You can choose Hongkong Post's registered airmail parcel service (3-7 days) or SF Express delivery service (2-3 days, Taiwan buyers please provide their ID number when placing an order). Other areas: All use Hongkong Post's airmail registered parcel service (it takes 7-20 days) or can upgrade to Hongkong Post's EMS international express (1-13 days). The actual delivery days will increase or decrease due to external factors such as the region, postal service or courier company, which is beyond our control. Please check with the relevant company for details. In order to avoid being squeezed during shipping, we will use bubble wrap to pack the products. ↓↓↓ If you want to upgrade to gift box packaging, please visit the following website↓↓↓ https://www.pinkoi.com/store/baraasahworkshop?subcategory=806


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