Yana Handmade-Chamomile essential oil Candle/90g

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** 🔸Product introduction: ** Italian Chamomile Essential Oil (CHAMOMILE) Chakra: The Heart Chakra Flower Language: Power in suffering


Yana Handmade-Chamomile essential oil Candle/90g


* 🕯 The candle is a lamp for me, it lights up my heart, and I hope my candle can bring you light and hope. 🕯 * * 🕯Insist on making "good" things and make candles one by one by hand. I also believe that with this attitude, energy candles with love and temperature can be created 🕯 * ** 🔸Product introduction: ** Italian Chamomile Essential Oil (CHAMOMILE) Chakra: The Heart Chakra Flower Language: Power in suffering It can calm the mind and restore peace of mind and body and has a good appeasing effect on the frightened. It can relieve anxiety, tension, anger, make people relax and have patience, and feel peaceful. Relieving anxiety and calming the mind is very helpful for insomnia. ** 🔸Product content: ** Use U.S. C3 environmentally friendly soy wax / German imported cotton thread / 100% pure Chamomile essential oil ** 🔸 Burning method: ** It is recommended to burn for a while and wait for the candle surface to become liquid before extinguishing so that the candle can burn perfectly. If the burning time is too short, the candle surface will be extinguished before the wax pool is formed, which will form a hole and continue. ** 🔸Turn off the candle: ** The correct way is to use the cup that extinguished the candle to directly cover the candle to extinguish or use a wick scissors to lightly lean on the wick to make it extinguish. ** 🔸Length of candlewick: ** If the wick is too long, the candle will often be too hot and cause black smoke or the sound of the wick burning. Before each candle is lit, please trim the wick of the candle first, keeping the length of 0.5-0.8 cm. Generally, the wick shear has a certain thickness, and it can be cut directly to achieve the desired length. ** 🔸About candle wick: ** Sometimes the wick will inevitably shift. When the candle is not solidified after use, use a cotton swab or wick shear to adjust the offset wick to the center. Avoid burning candles too close to the edges and burning the bottle black. ** 🔸Ignition method: ** You can choose a long match to use or a special igniter for candles to solve the difficulty of ignition. ** 🔸 Storage location: ** It is recommended not to put it in direct sunlight, as the aroma will easily evaporate. ** 🔸Reminder: ** Tim Rossi of American fragrance brand Nest said in an interview with Pop sugar, Wax has a memory. If you burn out the candle without waiting for the complete wax pool to burn out for the first time, In the future, every time it burns to the place where it is extinguished for the first time, it will no longer burn out, and a deep hole will form over time. The scented candle should not burn for more than 3 hours each time. After more than 3 hours, the wax oil will burn by itself, affecting the candle's fragrance spread. At the same time, it also causes other problems such as overheating of the candle cup, mushroom heads, and black smoke. When the scented candle is not burning, it is best to cover it with a lid. If you leave the mouth open outside, not only is it easy to fall into dust, the bigger problem is that the fragrance is easy to lose, and the candle will not smell after a while. ** 🔸Product specifications: ** Capacity 90ml ± 5ml, about 20 ~ 30 hours ** 🔸Origin: Taiwan ** ** 🔸Manufacturing method: 100% handmade ** All products are "order-ordering" average wait 5 working days (excluding holidays)


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