Big Momo with Oracle Moai

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Product content: 1 piece of cement moai (height about 5.5 cm) + 1 piece of Hakka flower cloth base (color random cut ribbon)


Big Momo with Oracle Moai


Chinese writing is one of the few hieroglyphics in the world that is not written in pinyin. Its beauty, beauty is in form, and beauty is in its twists and turns. Each Chinese character has its own unique charm and interest, and the knowledge contained in it is more profound and more interesting to study. In response to the upcoming Chinese New Year, this time I chose to incorporate the "ji" in Oracle into the work. This is a word of understanding, with weapons on the top, and weapons on the bottom. Put weapons in containers for use by those who don't use them, so as to reduce the war and save the people from danger; that is, without using soldiers, ordinary people can live and work in peace and be free from the damage of war. Represents auspicious, auspicious meaning. Note ⚠️ matters: 1. To prevent cement ash from falling during use, the outer layer of the product is covered with transparent paint. Due to the relationship between the pores of the cement and the molecular structure of the paint, it is not 100% guaranteed to be waterproof. 2. The cement material is fragile, please handle it carefully, falling or impact may cause the product to crack. 3. The goods are arranged for production after receiving the order. It takes time to dry the cement and dry it after painting. Please wait patiently. (The weather also affects the dry time ㄛ) 4. The painted surface is drawn by hand, so each product must be different. 5. The products are hand-made. Each product can maintain its unique appearance characteristics, and the acceptor will place an order. Since the state of the cement is different each time, it will be slightly different from the photo 6. It is not 100% to eliminate air bubbles during the grouting process. It is normal to have air bubbles after forming ~ (In fact, the beauty of cement is more prominent when there are air bubbles.) 7. The grouting surface will sag slightly as the moisture evaporates when the product is poured into the mold. Therefore, the grouting surface will be more difficult to be as smooth or flat as the mold surface. Try to choose at the bottom of the product or a small area or no shape part) 8. To avoid scratching the table top and anti-slip, anti-slip pads will be added to the bottom of the product. 9.Some product LOGOs are carved from precious Taiwan cypress, which can be customized with your desired text. 10. After the use of incense or ashtray products, the traces of residual supplies are normal. Please be careful with fire. 11. Customized products do not charge additional mold opening fees, so our store reserves the right to resell the products. If you have any questions, please send a message to ask, thank you for your support. Also welcome to follow Facebook or IG at any time. (Search for "mud talk")


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