Miao hand made ~ Chinese style double sided sword agate hairpin / onyx / gold (brass)

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Gorgeous palace style, drape for the activities linked.


Miao hand made ~ Chinese style double sided sword agate hairpin / onyx / gold (brass)


Please be sure to read the bottom of the first purchase order, please, please! The total length of about 17.5CM, the maximum width of about 2.5CM, the hairpin into the hair depth of about 12CM, hairpin body hardness can be directly plate hair; Pendant for the activities of the hook, you can decide the location of the demolition and hanging, 17.5CM; The above size is for reference only, the hand works can not be as good as the machine is not bad, the recipient can order; also please take a look at the size of the ruler, do not imagine it imaginary! Thank you! Hairpin white hollow part is carved from the white shell, each piece of shell are not the same, some shells may have brown lines (really affect the effect will be picked up), hollow carved shell hardness is Not the whole piece of shell, must not force the pressure off (pressure in the design of hollow copper parts is also to protect shell pieces), in addition to the chain of copper-plated gold, so the metal is all brass, All the beads outside the water drops are onyx agate, agate color depth may vary, and some may have lines oh! Photos have been as close as possible, but each monitor may have color, how much light will be running when running a color photography, different pieces of natural stone or glass will have color, can not accept the person do not order. All goods are not in stock, urgent please be sure to ask the designer before placing an order, thank you! Material: Bronze fittings, semi-precious stones (agate / imperfect), Czech glass drop beads. Packing: thick zipper bag (not used when the seal is sealed to prevent gas oxidation) + Chinese style satin embroidery beam mouth hairpin bag (with the door to go with the beautiful admission). Purchase Notes: 1. The main products are not in stock, after the order was made, so from the single to the delivery of a longer shipping time, order shipped according to the order, please note that customized items without seven days of appreciation period, only quality problems can be retreated Exchange Oh! Urgent orders, please be sure to contact the designer to determine the order, thank you! 2. The main product uses a lot of natural stone, natural crystal, glass, natural freshwater pearls; natural materials may exist ice crack, mine, black spots, uneven, thread and color and other conditions, the glass may have bubbles , Black spots and color; the above can accept the next order. 3. Hairpin and hairpin hairpin when you use the force, to do the pattern of the place is not hard, pay attention to your own hair style, hairpin will not touch on the bad, but can not withstand brute force destroy; if your Pan hair style will be folded to the hairpin (do the pattern of the place), then please hair hair good hairpin then do decoration, or ask professional help. 4. metal jewelry do not take a bath or soak in hot springs, do not touch the water or chemicals (perfume, etc.), if you accidentally stained, please wipe it gently with a dry cloth, the gap can not rub the place can use the hair dryer Of the cold air drying, and when not in use, please put in a sealed bag to prevent moisture to prevent oxidation, if you really do not worry, after receiving a transparent layer of nail polish to protect themselves, and its condition depends on your daily habits . 5. Due to the process of sending and transporting too much uncontrollable factors, after receiving the goods if damaged, please be sure to contact the museum, we must handle until you are satisfied, please do not have no reason or not linked to the processing of bad comments, Thank you! 6. postage shipping according to the announcement, no more than no less, the outer island region, please choose to mail, choose other ways to make up the difference. 7. As long as the goods sold in our shop are free to repair, but damaged replacement materials and return postage to the buyer's own burden. 8. Handmade, absolutely can not be resistant to wear, please treat it gently, look at the line marks and glue marks, but will not affect the appearance of the effect, please understand the imperfection of hand works, thank you!


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