Real Flower│Camellia Swarovski Crystal Bracelet [Tsubaki]

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Series name: Tsubaki (TSUBAKI)/ Accessory name: Camellia earrings/ Size: 20.5cm, flower: about 1.8 x 2cm / *Bracelet clasp adopts a sliding design, and the length can be adjusted freely. Material: Hydrangea, Swarovski crystal, resin gel, brass



Real Flower│Camellia Swarovski Crystal Bracelet [Tsubaki]


**Product series introduction** The TSUBAKI series is based on the traditional Japanese flower-Tsubaki design. With the characteristics of the Tsubaki flower, it shows the strong and beautiful side of women. . Perseverance. It blooms from severe winter to early spring and can withstand the cold, snow and frost; no matter how severe the environment is, it can grow tenaciously. The trait of perseverance is her attraction. . Hope. Experienced the baptism of frost, snow and rain, bid farewell to winter and rejuvenate the earth. Chunhua has the ability to awaken hope. . Vigorous. Although the flowering period is limited to winter to early spring; as an evergreen plant, the tree leaves are not forgotten. For a whole year, I will never get tired of it, and inject green energy into nature. . Elegant. Tsubaki flowers are rare flowers without fragrance. The natural smell is fresh and not vulgar; low-key, but does not subtract her charm. . beautiful. The flowers bloom and fall, and after the beginning of spring, the stink flower will fall in whole. At any time, Tsubaki still maintains his manners. . Artistic. Chunhua is often used in tea ceremony and flower arranging. A work of art, in addition to pleasing the eyes, also has the effect of washing the soul. Art has an indispensable and subtle relationship with her. . Inheritance. Tradition. Since the Heian period, Tsubaki has been widely used in cosmetics, Japanese sake brewing, and dyeing. Tsubaki flower patterns are also an indispensable and important element in kimonos, paintings, sculptures, and crafts. . Enough to withstand the cold and wind, but also noble to flourish-"强くて. "美しい-Tsubaki". -------------------------------------------------- --- **Please note before buying** . Depending on the screen display, a small amount of color difference may occur. . All dimensions are measured by hand with slight errors. . Each piece of hand-made and natural materials has different sizes, shapes, shades of color, and different positions. The same type of goods cannot be exactly the same, please understand. . It is normal for real flowers to appear slightly transparent in the resin gel. **Jewelry maintenance** . Do not rub the surface of the resin gel with alcohol or chemicals. . You can clean the surface with a paper towel dampened with water and wipe dry. . Since this product is made of organic materials, moisture will affect the accessories, so take it off before washing your hands or bathing. . High humidity, ultraviolet rays, chemicals (perfume, hand cream, etc.), and strong attacks will all affect the product. . After wearing the accessories, please individually place them in a compact box with moisture-proof beads, and place them in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, in order to maintain the color of the flowers and the best condition of the product. **Origin** Materials imported from Japan, designed and manufactured in Hong Kong