Chamomile Marseille Soap丨Dry and sensitive skin [SGS inspection qualified]

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Add German chamomile essential oil, elegant aroma, soothing and calming effect, soothing redness and soothing, gentle moisturizing, soothing sensitive and weak skin, plus the moisturizing effect of Marseille soap, moisturizing and soothing, it is very suitable for sensitive skin and children .


Chamomile Marseille Soap丨Dry and sensitive skin [SGS inspection qualified]

商品説明 Follow the ancient French Marseille soap ratio specification of 72% olive oil, and low-temperature cold processing retains more nutrients. Contains a large amount of oleic acid, has excellent skin affinity, moisturizing the skin can make the skin fine, high permeability, easy to absorb, help maintain the skin's health, showing a translucent luster. Added castor oil, rich in ricinoleic acid, Omega-6 and Omega-9, has a variety of soothing effects, can soothe and lubricate the skin, improve skin water absorption, and has a mild calming effect. It focuses on moisturizing skin, and focuses on skin health. It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin, delicate skin of the elderly and children. Paired with essential oils such as German chamomile, it has a calming and gentle scent, and an assistant can clear up troubles and thoughts, restore peace and comfort, and relieve stress. **Chamomile Marseille Soap**primary skin moisturizer, focusing on dry, sensitive skin and the delicate skin of children. It is matched with German chamomile and other essential oils to regulate the skin, soothe the balance, and maintain the healthy state of the skin; calm and gentle fragrance, with assistant Clears upset thoughts, restores peace and comfort, relieves stress; gentle moisturizing is especially suitable for sensitive skin and children. **use** Cleans skin, removes dirt, and helps maintain skin health. **Instructions** -Moisten with water, rub and foam, then rub directly. -Knead together with the bath ball to make more foam and denser. **All ingredients** olive oil. coconut oil. Palm oil. Sesame oil. NaOH. Pure water. German chamomile essential oil. Lavender essential oil **Applicable skin** Sensitive skin, dry skin, normal to dry skin, mature skin Face wash丨body bath dual-use formula **weight** 100g ± 5g **preservation method** -Soap before opening> Please put it in a cool place indoors and avoid direct sunlight -Soap in use> Use a soap tray with good water drainage; if there is a drip tray under the soap tray, please keep it dry. **Precautions** -Handmade soap has a mild but not tear-free formula. It reminds you to close your eyes when washing your face. If it gets into your eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with plenty of water. -Handmade soap uses edible vegetable oil, no added preservatives or antibacterial agents, please use it as soon as possible after opening. -The color of each batch of handmade soap may be slightly different, please use the color of the product actually received. -Everyone has different allergens (natural vegetable oil may also be your allergen). It is recommended to try a small amount on the inside of the arm and use it after confirming that there is no allergies. -Add natural plant color or natural ore mud powder to handmade soap, and the natural color will fade with sunlight, which is normal. -Handmade soap is a cleaning product and has no effect. It is just that the material used does not increase the burden on the skin. It is still recommended to consult a dermatologist for skin diseases. **Each handmade soap is vacuum-packed to block the air to maintain the quality of handmade soap.**


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