British 925 sterling silver handmade angel necklace | Ari D Norman

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UK / 925 sterling silver / handmade / angel necklace / Ari D Norman /



British 925 sterling silver handmade angel necklace | Ari D Norman

商品説明 ◤Design brand Ari D. Norman is the designer and manufacturer of British traditional and modern sterling silver jewelry and gifts In 1989 Mr. Ari Norman became the first and only silversmith to win the Queen’s Export Achievement Award With royal and global recognition, he is an internationally renowned queen designer A series of 925/1000 sterling silver ornaments produced by the royal designer Mr. Ari D. Norman From storage boxes, photo frames, brooches, bookmarks, small medicine boxes... etc. Each product will be engraved with their unique logo ◤This 925 sterling silver necklace made by British Ari D Norman, its shape inherits British tradition and blends with modern design. The most special feature is that it is not just a necklace. The upper lid can be rotated to add perfume, Cologne is very convenient in any occasion. It can be said to be very small and ingenious, both beautiful and practical. The hand-made appearance and the unique angel texture also make the eyes bright. Different from our common big wings, the angel on the pendant gives people a feeling like an elf, so light, lively, and sacred. Add a romantic atmosphere under the symbol of. 925 sterling silver with meticulous workmanship, it is definitely your good companion for any occasion! ◤Twist open the top cover to add your favorite perfume and cologne ◤Place of Origin United Kingdom ◤Brand Ari D Norman ◤Material 925 sterling silver ◤Size (cm) Chain length: 33.5 cm Approximate accessories: 3.5 x 3 cm ◤Metal ※The antique pieces for more than ten years are all brand new and unused. It is normal for metal products to become slightly black after a long time. If you mind, please do not place an order ※Early antiques are brand new and unused. Metal products will become a normal phenomenon after a long time. They will leave traces of time after a long time. If you are very interested in the perfect quality of the product, please go to the store to choose Thank you for buying. ※Silver's chemical properties are more active, so it will react with carbon dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the surface of the silver ornament becomes black, it can be cleaned and wiped with silver cloth and soda powder.


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