Greenology Pear Shaped Glass Vase Standing Cement Table

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Paired with gray cement and a simple glass bottle, it's like being in an isolated place in a concrete forest. The narrow mouth design of the pear-shaped glass bottle creates an environment similar to a greenhouse, keeping the temperature and humidity in the bottle without affecting air circulation. Add brightly colored plants to the gray design... Eye-



Greenology Pear Shaped Glass Vase Standing Cement Table


**"Product Specifications"** **The product does not contain plants** Finished product size // 90 x 120 x 120 mm Packing size//150 x 110 x 160 mm Weight // 363g Material // Cement, glass Origin // Hong Kong **"product design"** The narrow-mouth design of the pear-shaped glass bottle creates a "greenhouse" environment, which effectively maintains the temperature in the bottle and the humidity of the planting soil, but does not affect the dredging of the air. As long as you pour clean water and pruning regularly, your beloved plants will naturally grow in it healthily. This is a small bonsai that is very suitable for desks. You can also place scented dried flowers to become a special aromatherapy seat. **"Recommended use"** Hydroponics // Copper coins, Chlorophytum, Ivy, Thousand-year wood Mud mini plants // Ferns, mosses, netgrass, coingrass Small bonsai // scented dried flowers, air grass The list of plants is not exhaustive, only some suggestions are provided. At the same time, inbox queries are also welcome. **"Packaging (the model in the figure for reference)"** The pit paper is used as a packing box, and then fixed and protected with pearl cotton. **"Attention to the purchase of handmade goods"** Greenology products are all handmade and unique. So each product will have the following degree of difference: **✓**surface of each product has different textures and color differences **✓**Cement products with pores, small cracks, etc. are normal **✓**The size error of handmade products is ±0.2cm Our wood products and cement products are protected by a layer of matte varnish to avoid damage to the varnish: **✗**Do not place overheated products directly on top **✗**Avoid using wet wipes or cleaning agents **✓**Wipe gently with a soft cloth Glass bottle cleaning and maintenance: **✗**Avoid liquid treatment with wet wipes, detergents, and dyes **✗**not suitable to expose to the sun for a long time, it may cause cracks. **✓**Wipe gently with a soft cloth **✓**Can be treated with detergent **"Greenology's Brand Story"** In the commercial city of Hong Kong, where everything is concerned about losing and losing, two cousins who are also tired of mainstream life decided to establish their own brands far away from the city. Although the subjects studied by the two were completely irrelevant to the business, in the end they worked together and embarked on the road of building a brand, with only one goal: So that everyone can integrate the green plants representing the "forest" into the cement vessel representing the "concrete", Create a green lifestyle. **/Hong Kong Apple Daily "Fruit Seed" Interview//** Elaborate on the brand behind and where the brand is produced. Every item is handmade locally and bred here in Jiao Keng Village, Sheung Shui. **/Hong Kong "New Holiday Magazine" detailed report on our brand//** **/Hong Kong free magazine "MetroPop's Green Life" feature report//**


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