Resin Earrings-Ginkgo Flower (Dark Gray)

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Resin earrings-ginkgo flower (dark gray)-with pearl ear buckle +Earring style: ear pins (pure silver plated with gold), the accessories are made of brass with gold plated, and can be changed to clip style for free. +With this clip style, the star zircon ear pins will change to the shape of ear clips! Please refer to the style of the inner ear clip in the pho


Resin Earrings-Ginkgo Flower (Dark Gray)


------------------------------------------ Ginkgo leaves, A flower fell, Suitable for you who like small earrings. ------------------------------------------ If there is stock when ordering, it can be shipped directly. Generally, the order is 5-7 working days. +If you have stock items and customized items in the same order, you will wait for the customized items to be completed before sending them out! =Single purchase of 1,500 yuan or more, you can enjoy free shipping discount = +If you purchase more than one pair of earrings, and there are special packaging requirements, please let us know. If you like a particular color, You can refer to the colors of other accessories in the store, Discuss with the designer, You can customize the color you need. +Remind you: Customized products made according to customer needs belong to the products for which the consumer protection law does not apply to the appreciation period. VITA Handmade Design’s hand-made resin series earrings, It is handmade with K gold-plated copper wire and resin. Orders are made according to the style of the store, But the resin element of each earring, Each production is unique. Therefore, I hope to accept that the received accessories will be "extremely the same but not exactly the same" as the photos of the store before placing an order! Special Note: +Resin series jewelry, because the resin part has some bubbles during production, the resin bubble problem is not classified as a product defect. +If you are concerned about bubbles in the resin, please do not place an order! + Ear acupuncture or ear hook earrings are related to personal hygiene, and are commodities that are not subject to the appreciation period under the Consumer Protection Law. +Before shipment, the ear acupuncture part will be disinfected with alcohol, please wear it with peace of mind. (Alcohol pads will still be attached for backup) Jewelry preservation suggestions: +Be sure to take off the bath. +Please keep away high temperature for resin earrings. +Be careful when wearing resin earrings, don't pull or squeeze it vigorously (be careful when putting on and taking off your clothes). +It is recommended to put the earrings in the earring card, put them in the zipper bag, and put them in the kraft paper box that we sent to you when we ship out, so as to avoid the jewelry from being squeezed and damaged. Q: What should I do if... the resin jewelry is accidentally damaged? A: Don't worry! Just contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with jewelry repair services. (Each hand-made jewelry is the designer's painstaking effort, as long as there is damage, we will repair it. We provide repair services for unlimited times!) [General minor damage]: Enjoy the "free" repair service, and only need to pay the shipping fee for shipping. [Larger range of damage]: A repair cost quotation (about 100-200 yuan) will be provided based on the damage condition, plus the round-trip freight. If you wear it carefully and collect resin jewelry according to our tips, you can basically keep it well. The jewelry can be worn for a long time!


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