Taiwan cypress coaster・square・customizable

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Warm and precious material, special fragrance. Applicable wedding table gifts, house visit gifts, best man and bridesmaid gifts / dessert shop / coffee shop / wine / corporate meeting gifts / international exchange gifts / graduation gifts / event memorial gifts / artist's signature coaster business cards


Taiwan cypress coaster・square・customizable


This is a product developed for a wedding, The Taiwanese cypress beams that once supported a home, After years of washing the chains and the demolition and renovation of old houses, they moved into the warehouse and waited for their new life. We rearrange it, carefully remove the old paint, remove the nails, and polish it again and again, Take its story out of the warehouse, and hope that the bride and groom will be like it, Prop up a family together and make the warm home a haven for each other. **Suitable for use** (The content we have produced is provided below as a reference) Wedding table gift / bridal visit gift / dessert shop / coffee shop / wine / corporate meeting gift / school international exchange gift / graduation gift for buddies / event memorial gift / artist's signature coaster business card / small gift to thank relatives and friends after the event **Product specifications** Material: Taiwan cypress Production: Taiwan / Ermu Wooden Works Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 6 (mm) Painting: No painting Basic packaging description: single-piece transparent matte packaging▼ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50411717398_07e195fb52_k_d.jpg **Taiwan cypress** 1. The material has high stability, is not easy to be damaged, deformed, moldy and moth-eaten, and can accompany you for a long time. 2. After encountering water, the wood fiber will slightly absorb water and evaporate with its own fragrance when evaporating the water. If you get close to it, you can smell the scent of cypress just like in the forest. This is imported cypress from other countries/ Hinoki is incomparable. ▼ Cypress coaster will slightly absorb moisture when in use https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50412570577_6ee4d58faa_k_d.jpg 3. After Taiwan's forest logging ban, it can only be obtained in a few places such as early stockpiles, old roof beams, and old furniture, so the materials are becoming scarcer and rarer. 4. It is normal for some products to have tiny nail holes and natural wood knots, rather than defects. 5. As the width of the wood grain will vary due to other factors such as growth and slicing methods, please consider buying if you mind. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50415944436_b5122d5d13_k_d.jpg **For laser engraving, please follow the following website to purchase** __For you who want to engrave memorial and blessing texts at a preferential price, one piece can be customized (only engraving).__ Plus purchase | customized laser engraving__30 NTD / piece__ ▲ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/HLXW6ptq ● Schematic diagram of the engraving position of this product (in production...) **Laser pattern** __Laser your pattern on the product, it can be an illustration, company/school/store logo...etc. your unique pattern.__ **Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces (considering the cost of communication, typesetting and editing)** **Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces (considering the cost of communication, typesetting and editing)** **Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces (considering the cost of communication, typesetting and editing)** ● Does not include the design, please prepare your own drawings, if you have a design pattern, please contact the designer (the commissioned design will have additional costs). ● Size specification: If there is no designation, we will adjust your pattern to the most suitable size for production. If you need to specify the pattern size, the maximum pattern cannot exceed 40 x 40 mm. ● In order not to affect the beauty of the original wood grain, full-page carving is not accepted. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50422295352_b0073b8253_k_d.jpg ● Please provide customized content information as soon as possible after placing a bid, so as to arrange production. ● If customized products have been arranged for production, no refunds will be accepted. **FAQs for customized drawings** __Q2. Accepted file format?__ Ai files are mainly used (the best performance in laser production), the final draft needs to be transferred to the outer frame, if not, a clear black and white png / jpg file can be provided. If you are not sure whether the file can be produced, please contact the designer first. __Q3. Are there any opportunities for modification during the process?__ "Start production" means that the pattern cannot be changed, but the text/typesetting position/font size can be modified. Modifications will not be provided after "entering mass production", so we will confirm the final version with you before mass production. __Q4. How long will it take to ship after the bid?__ After the bid is placed, we will contact you within one day, and the product can be shipped within 3-5 working days after the communication is finalized. If it is an "urgent item" that needs to be shipped within "3 days", please contact us "before bidding" to assess whether the charge is appropriate. **Customized process** 1) Contact Ermumu / subscribe according to requirements and contact the designer 2) Provide materials / provide materials and layout ideas to discuss with the designer 3) Electronic typesetting / The designer will make an electronic typesetting draft based on the discussion content and materials and confirm with you 4) Customized production / At this stage, because it has been produced, it is not possible to modify the drawing file 5) Packing and shipping / Please wait patiently for the receipt. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact us as soon as possible. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50437800587_77ec533d02_h_d.jpg


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