Paris left bank gift box a total of 30 boxes [hand-painted hardcore filled with 10 kinds of flavor of foreign fruit] - beauty gift box festive gift box


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    ※ This gift box with ribbons, bags, as a good choice for your gift.
    ※ This product is room temperature home furnishings, and biscuits can be together with the sub-category of fruit, do not cake gift box products into the same order, because the freight is different, we will also please make up your shipping Oh, thank you ^ ^

    ☛ about the Paris left bank gift box
    Designer hand-painted exclusive hard box, carefully selected 10 store popular ocean fruit, simple ribbon packaging, wrapped with full of intentions


    ☛ box within the pleasant content of 10 kinds of taste of the 1 package


    ** The following goods in case of international raw materials out of stock, will change the contents of the goods to the same price of goods instead, thank you !!
    A. Fruit marin sugar (raspberry / passion fruit flavors) - the use of French raspberry / passion fruit turtle production, one by one, an instant sweet and sour taste of the outbreak ~

    B. Florence Ting - hand boiled milk and stir into the full California almond slices and orange pudding, with the bottom of the original biscuits, the achievements of this classic method is a foreign fruit

    C. Brittany Crisp - fermented cream, salt flower, egg yolk, flour ~ the most simple French pastry, natural flavor to eat

    D. Kana caramel cake - the middle of the caramel almond stuffing with crisp chocolate biscuits, dedicated to the unique flavor of caramel you

    E. Honey buddy - the use of pure longan honey production, that Peng Peng's belly, filled with full of intentions

    F. Chocolate Fernando - batter with 61% bitter sweet chocolate, cooked into a night, baked in the sprinkled with some small salt flower and happy fruit broken, with a sweet taste of sweet and sweet

    G. Vanilla rada (2 pieces) - fermented creamy flavor A little sweet flavor of vanilla, put in the middle of the biscuits boiled almond milk filling, is an adults and children can instantaneous spike of the necessary section!

    H.73% cocoa heart (2 pieces) - improved from the French salt of the biscuits, in the dough mixed with Belgian 73% chocolate, wrapped in almond corners add aroma, salty sweet unique flavor, an addictive

    I. Royal Earl Crisp Cake (2 pieces) - eat the most classic flavor of Earl Tea, do not add eggs only full of milk, this way for the vegetarian vegetarian to enjoy Oh!

    J. Pearl lemon (2 pieces) - dough only use freshly leached lemon juice, fresh lemon peel, outer wrapped around a circle of Japanese pearl sugar, sweet and sour taste of fresh, so do not love the acid you love

    ☛ on the outer box size
    Length 20cm × width 10cm × height 10cm


    │ Product specifications │
    Ingredients - Elle & Vire Cream / Cream, Belgian Bitter Sweet Chocolate, Egg, Almond Corner, Sugar Powder, Japanese Flour, Cocoa Powder, French Fruit Mud, Vanilla Pod, Dried Fruit, Salt Flower, Fresh Lemon
    Taste the way - get instantly open to enjoy it
    Product - Paris left bank gift box / 10 a box, a paper bag
    Ordering information - at room temperature, save 30 days (recommended the sooner you eat more fresh, do not place high temperature and humidity)
    Chocolate Fernando / Honey Madeleine - at room temperature, save 12 to 15 days
    Vegetarian - egg yolk (except for the royal count of tea cake - milk can enjoy)

    About us

    "Hope to eat our dessert is happy"

    In October 2012, a small studio created for this dream was officially born in Taichung. It is simply very simple to let everyone through the taste of our dessert feel happy and satisfaction, but the production of delicious dessert is the most indispensable sugar, less sugar seasoning, dessert to eat up on the light and tasteless, so the special selection of French - "Le Sucré" - the meaning of sugar as a store name, we hope that through the most simple ingredients, natural taste, to convey our original intention.
    In February 2015, we decided to set up the first dream store in Tainan. Like the story of salmon migration, because the chef grew up in Tainan, since reading, after work in the county outside the city life, so when the decision to open the store, the first pick or choose his childhood grew up, in addition to want This antique city to add some French color, the most important thing is to want to pass the happiest of this delicious, so that guests can come to Suge Lei can feel our full intentions.

    "Strict selection of ingredients and quality"
    Le Sucré Pâtisserie is made up of two founders who are very insistent on the selection and production of ingredients. We often say that we do not accept, do not eat, do not like the ingredients or products, we will never use nor We want to let customers eat Suge Lei's intention and persistence, so that customers can choose the ingredients we can feel at ease, for the ultimate spirit of the dessert can be touched, for the details and levels of the mix can eat a sense of happiness, we like Innovation, like the use of seasonal origin of fruit to produce a surprise but no burden of dessert.

    "Let dessert become a happy verb"
    Only through the temperature of life and human emotions can convey the intention of the producers for the dessert, so we insist on hand-made, the continuation of the spirit of French dessert, join our creativity and ingenuity, and then add peace of mind ingredients and professional skills, Even a simple cake body, you can eat delicious differences.

    "Make a happy dessert to breathe"
    "There is no excess sugar, no fake cream, no artificial fragrance, to make a happy dessert to breathe" - this is the same purpose from the shop, the chef at the beginning of the development of new dessert, the cream and sugar In the development of a new dessert, these links have become very important, we want to enjoy the dessert is regardless of men and women, is to eat without burden.
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Taiwan Tainan
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Paris left bank gift box a total of 30 boxes [hand-painted hardcore filled with 10 kinds of flavor of foreign fruit] - beauty gift box festive gift box

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