Top Natural Essential Oil Lipstick-Three Taste Experience Group

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Mary's Handmade top essential oil lipstick, made from 100% pure and natural edible top ingredients, make your lips like the kiss of heaven :) Small boxed experience group, three flavors are satisfied at once!


Top Natural Essential Oil Lipstick-Three Taste Experience Group


*As the raw materials of this product are 100% natural, in order to avoid the influence of climatic factors, the order is suspended from 4 / 7-8 / 31.* Mary's Handmade top essential oil lipstick, made from 100% natural and edible top ingredients, make your lips like heaven ’s kiss :) * Taste: (one of each of the following three) Be You Lavender & Geranium (Blue) Believe: Mint & Tea Tree (Green) Beloved: Lemon & Orange (White) * Each weight: 4g (commercially available strip lip balm about 1.5g ~ 5g). * Each volume: outer box diameter 24mm**(approximately 10 yuan coin size, to ensure that your fingers can be used together, please refer to the fourth picture of the product picture)**, 12mm high. * Features: Each ingredient is made by the designer with the highest quality, freshest, and food-grade oils carefully selected by various oil mills. You can rest assured if you accidentally eat it (but it does not mean that it can be used as food to satisfy hunger , Infants and young children should avoid swallowing whole boxes). * Use:**cleansing your fingers**, dig out an appropriate amount and apply it on the lips. It can also be used as a finger cream. * Raw materials: French organic yellow beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, 100% pure natural essential oil. * Period: Each lipstick is freshly made after ordering, and is made of completely natural, nutritious oils. Any chemical preservatives, bacteriostatic agents, pigments, flavors, mineral oils, etc. are rejected. Many stable, non-destructive (and no life) lip balms on the market are different in use and experience, so please make it**"within two months"**after use. * Taste: The olive smell of natural propolis + fresh virgin olive oil slowly exudes a faint fragrance of natural essential oils. *Precautions: 1.**Stored in a cool and dry place**: It does not contain preservatives and curing agents. Do not put it in a pocket or other places where the temperature is too high to cause deterioration or deformation of the lipstick, or on a car or table where the sun may be directly exposed to sunlight. 2.**White point is a normal phenomenon**: Shea butter is a very beneficial oil to the skin, extremely moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. The only point that is easily visible to the naked eye due to changes in temperature is to cause it to freeze again. Does not affect quality, please use with peace of mind. *** If you need to specify the number of specific flavors, please leave a note when placing an order. *** The lip balm is also available in strips and large cans, please see our design gallery: == For you who want more lip balm information == 🔘 About our raw materials: "1" French organic yellow beeswax: extremely high nutritional value, not only edible and medicinal, but also have natural effects of maintenance and antibacterial, and can increase the softness and elasticity of the skin. "2" organic extra virgin olive oil: a high proportion of natural "squalene" can increase the moisturizing and repairing effect of lip balm; "vitamin E" and "polyphenols" can help skin cells resist oxidation, and "oleurin "And" hydroxytyrosol "can increase the activity of glutathione in the human body, help prevent the formation of dark spots, and delay skin aging. "3" Organic Shea Butter: It is a pure natural vegetable oil, which is very similar to the oil secreted by the human body. It has small molecules and is easily absorbed by the skin. One of the most precious non-saponifiable repair ingredients can prevent dryness and cracking of the skin and provide deep moisture. "4" Sweet Almond Oil: Light texture, moisturizing and not greasy. Extremely mild, suitable for all skin types, especially redness, inflammation, allergies, and even babies. "5" France imported 100% pure natural essential oils: Essential oils are completely natural plant extracts, just like natural fruits and vegetables. His taste is fresh and light, and it is not the same as the strong and persistent flavors on the market. Oh! We currently have three flavors-lemon and orange, mint and tea tree, lavender and rose geranium. 🔘 About why we use boxed In "1", we insist on using completely natural ingredients. Their textures are relatively soft, and they will also be affected by temperature and humidity (the designer said emotionally because they are all alive and have vitality); and can increase the protection Most of the ingredients of lipstick hardness are chemically added, or the proportion should not be too much. "2" is purely a designer's personal hygiene habits. If you are not used to washing your two lips before each use of strip lip balm, then box lip balm may be safer and more hygienic for you. Please wash your hands before using). 🔘 About Why Use Lip Balm "1" Our lip skin is much more fragile than skin elsewhere in the body. It has few cuticles, no water-capturing ability when exposed, and little defense ability, so it is easy to cause dryness, cracking, peeling and peeling of the epidermal mucosa, so you must choose good lip balm to protect it every day. "2" All the skin care products applied on the lips are easy to enter, so you should choose lip care products carefully. Most lip balms on the market, in order to prevent germs and mold that often contact the skin of the lips, often use inert substances such as vaseline, or chemical additives such as preservatives and bacteriostatic agents to extend storage. For your own health, it is recommended that when you choose the ingredients, you don't have to worry about eating the belly. "3" lip care should not only be in winter, regardless of age and gender. A colorless lip balm should always be available throughout the year (the so-called colorless is not necessarily white, 100% natural unprocessed lip balm should retain the natural color of natural plants or oils). Before you feel dry or apply lipstick, you can Use anytime. "4" If the lips are severely cracked, apply lip balm thickly before bedtime, and use sleep to do long-term softening and repair.


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