DONKEY PRODUCTS Maneki-Neko Lucky Colorful Lucky Cat

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Lucky and colorful lucky cats from DONKEY studio in Germany, based on traditional lucky cats, used matte spray paint materials to design a modern and western-style lucky mascot. They can not only add the finishing touch to the tone of your shop, and attract the attention of the young people passing by, but they can also decorate the home space and bring a he


DONKEY PRODUCTS Maneki-Neko Lucky Colorful Lucky Cat


Brand story DONKEY PRODUCTS was established in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany's second largest city. The most attractive place is DONKEY’s product design is based on daily necessities! Combined with the designer’s sense of humor, life is full of fun Without losing taste. They are committed to creating more eye-catching gifts and making the design closer to us life. The brand Donkey Products always surprises us with new and innovative products. They get 2017/2018 German Design Award. Their products have a wide variety of colors and fancy designs. They are very focused Details always create a new way of life. Donkey represents a variety of design products and gifts. In addition to 100% German design, anyone looking for unique Product people will definitely find what they want in DONKEY PRODUCTS. They are like pioneers, They explore daily life, find specific things, and make product ideas full of love, judgment and passion. Every color Colorful egg heaters, every crazy tin sign and every wine cork are born in Donkey's creativity The sacred hall of the studio. feature of product Eye-catching ornaments that bring good luck to the space Just insert an AA battery and it will automatically swing your left hand Matte texture, lightweight material Won the German Design Award GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017/2018 Product specifications made in China material: plastic Dimensions: 10.5 x 15 cm Weight: about 400g How to use: Put in 1 AA battery, the hand of the signature cat will automatically swing. (The product does not contain batteries) Lucky white: represents peace and reflection. Lucky pink: represents love and romance, and love is smooth. Lucky Violet: Represents relaxation and confidence. Lucky yellow: represents wealth and prosperity and forge a good relationship. Lucky gold: represents fairness and justice. Lucky Green: Represents the family, the title of the gold list. Lucky bright black: Represents generosity and wealth. Lucky blue: It represents wisdom, academics and career success. Lucky gray: represents strength, stability and stability. Lucky neon orange: represents passion and energy. Lucky neon green: represents thought and instinct. Lucky moonlight: represents dreams and wisdom. Lucky Bank Color: Meditation and the unity of body and mind. Lucky bright black: generosity and wealth Lucky gold: the incarnation of justice


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