Bacteria group 1 + 1 enjoy preferential treatment (donated flannel cloth bag B)

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Bacteria group 1 + 1 enjoy preferential treatment (donated flannel cloth bag B)


**Central Lake specimen No.203** **BAPTISM OF FUNGUS RING Bacterial Baptism - Ring** - Symbol of rebirth. When the living body into a spirit, regardless of previous good and evil, Ashes are a selfless group of bacteria, pure and transparent, that is, the most beautiful color of the soul. A Symbol of Regeneration. When a life enters a spiritual state, it is pure and transparent. During this transition, the aura of the spirit illuminates the most beautiful colors that can not be found anywhere in the natural world. - Jewelry Making Description To wax carving into the ring, Ring ring appearance as the use of carved wood as a delineation, vividly in the circle of wax melt round the fungus body, this scene will see the condensation of freshness see in front. A polygamy cluster ring. - Materials specimen material 925 Silver Dimension specimen specifications Ring width: 0.3 cm Metric circumference: # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 # 10 / Ring around the measurement method, please refer to "Ring around the measurement method" ❍ Remind you when the order is completed, you will need to leave a message in "Tell Designer". (Some sizes need to be customized, working days 7 to 14 days.) **- JEWELRY MAINTENANCE Maintenance mode** - Regular wear: the human body grease can be anti-oxidation, so that the jewelry to maintain a warm luster, natural traces of use is still not damaged its beauty. - Keep dry: pure metal exposure to the air will be gradually oxidized by time become a natural phenomenon, when not wearing, please be stored in a dedicated sealed bag / box, indeed sealed to achieve blocking air. Inside the bag with anti-oxidation sheet, can effectively inhibit the oxidation rate. - Avoid hard objects collision: Do not hit the hard metal such as watches or steel, easy to cause deeper scratches. - Avoid chemical agents: Avoid direct contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hair sprays, detergents. Please avoid bathing, hot springs, sea water, swimming pool (chlorine) to wear. After exercise, please acid sweat clean, daily water, please use a cotton cloth to wipe dry. - About Deep Care: If you buy jewelry from the central lake (except for plated products), you will be given a silver polishing cloth for routine maintenance. You can restore the luster of the original metal by pushing and rubbing. Supplementary note: silver polishing cloth is a velvet cloth containing the maintenance solution, the solid can not be washed, flushing will make the maintenance fluid loss. Use a silver polishing cloth to rub the jewelry with a polishing effect. Can not be cleaned plating products. **ABOUT - Huochen specimen MengkoJewelryStudio®** - Lake Central An island full of life, treasures and myths. It has always been an early wish to see the eye with them. When the metal process into my life, Become aware of by their own hands, that is, the means to realize Him. This about 53 square kilometers of islands, in the middle of a turquoise lake. - Specimens To test the identity of the identity of the acquisition of things here, This will be sealed metal art, into a permanent possession. There are many creatures, treasures, and fairies at Hu Yung Island and it is always a dream of mine to see them all. When metal crafts came into my life, I realize it is the way to achieve my dream. At this island in the middle of Turquoise Lake, I will be the collector to seal the beauties of the island forever. - EST. 2013 - from Taipei, Taiwan Founded in Taipei Handmade Metal Crafts Jewelry - Limited Production Sold Limited Production Sold From Taiwan / staff Jiang Yi Metalworking brand


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