Spring lazily ✦Love yourself (garnet / amethyst) (925 Silver) | sterling silver bracelets

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Spring lazily ✦Love yourself (garnet / amethyst) (925 Silver) | sterling silver bracelets


Main minerals: garnet, amethyst, citrine Bead size: 8mm Metal Material: 925 Silver Size: Customized (Using Japanese silk elastic cord production) Garnet People can have irresistible vitality, charm, stamina, affinity, vitality and self-confidence, can provoke happiness and eternal love. Amethyst Develop wisdom, help thinking, enhance memory, also help popularity, giving courage and strength. Also represents "the guardian of love stone", can give couples, deep love between husband and wife, honesty and courage. Citrine Spar attract wealth, enhance Windfall, can enhance self-confidence also helps gastrointestinal health. Bracelet size // // Measurement method: 1. Use a cloth ruler around the desire to wear bracelets location, snapping to see size (cm) 2, no ruler can use cloth or paper measuring inelastic rope, put on the back foot as the perimeter to view the size (cm) Be sure to measure the "just right" in flush size can be, do not deliberately or tighten reserve size. We will make just good to wear comfortable size (especially if you want to be informed tight or loose again!) Be sure to inform the correct order after the hand circumference size, dimensions avoid receiving substandard goods [Lazy spring | natural stone hand made | Goods Notes] First, avoid contact with perfume, liquid chemicals, soap and human sweat. After a lot of sweat is recommended to use a little water and then wipe dry bracelet save and prolong product life. Second, avoid collision with hard objects. Third, there is no wear, try to place the bundled lock bag or jewelry box, to avoid rubbing the impact cracks. Fourth, the metal (alloy / brass / silver) oxidation phenomena, it is normal to wear a long time will produce both partial sepia tone. Fifth, brass or silver jewelry after wearing, should be a soft cloth / silver polishing cloth, placed in ziplock bags to avoid residual dirt or due to contact with air oxidized black. Sixth, the leather was still try not to touch the water better, leather goods perishable after hitting the water, if it can not accept Please consider! Seven, hand-made jewelry, there are certain quality, but do not deliberately pull, rupture or cause damage to merchandise. Bracelet enjoy three months warranty, begin production in Japan elastic thread, if it is really unfortunate rope breaks, as long as the cobble stone pendant and send to the studio, you will immediately be sent back to the train! ◮ not charge maintenance fees, but need to pay the return shipping costs (with stamped postage 40 yuan can be sent to the studio) ◮ if need be filled or missing stone pendant, an extra charge the cost of materials and modify fee (depending on the number of different materials and have different price) Package includes // // Bracelets, boxes, silver polishing cloth, merchandise warranty cards, business cards, postcards and brand waterproof stickers Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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