Amethyst Pendant – Qingming Wisdom ∣Amethyst Pendant (#12)

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❖❖ Made in the USA 优质 High quality natural amethyst + high quality 925 sterling silver 鉴 Full refund


Amethyst Pendant – Qingming Wisdom ∣Amethyst Pendant (#12)


Corresponding to the sacred stone of the top wheel, combining the rationality and the sensibility, ushered in the energy of wisdom. ================================================= 尺寸 Size / Origin ❖ 21x17 mm, United States ❖ Material ❖ Premium natural amethyst + high quality 925 sterling silver 能量 Energy healing ❖ Amethyst is the highest value, most expensive and most advanced gemstone in the quartz family. It is highly praised and loved in both the East and the West. It is regarded as having the energy to make people clear and wise. The chemical composition is SiO2 (cerium oxide), and the crystal structure is a trigonal system. The beautiful purple luster is caused by the inclusion of trace amounts of iron (Fe). Corresponding chakra: top wheel. Related to the water/fire element in astrology, it represents the energy associated with emotions and ideals. [West] In Greek mythology, the amethyst legend comes from the awakening and confession of Dionysus. According to legend, Bacchus was demented after drunkenness. After waking up, in order to remind himself not to make mistakes, he poured the goddess in his hand into a girl who turned into pure white crystal. On the body, the gems are also dyed with purple brilliance because of the color of the wine. From then on, this amethyst symbolizing magic and spiritual power is also regarded as the magic power to avoid drunkenness, and it is called "the stone of lucidity." The ancient Romans used to engage in rituals to cleanse sins and pay homage to the undead in February. Amethyst was used to ban slutty, prevent self-indulgence, and maintain rationality and honesty. As long as you look closely, you will find many amethyst decorations on the accessories of churches, bishops and priests (for example, the Pope's scepter is set with a large amethyst drill). Amethyst is also common in the crown of the Egyptian royal family and the current British royal family. Since ancient times, amethyst has been regarded as a divine power with gods, rights, and evils. [East] In the 3rd century AD, the Chinese wrote the book "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", which is said to be the world's first pharmacy book. It records that as long as the amethyst is ground into a powder, it can be immortalized. . Interestingly, in today's medical research, iron is indeed an essential nutrient for the human body. Because iron can stabilize the blood oxygen and oxygen supply, it sends positive energy to the body and enhances the body's metabolism. In Japan, purple is regarded as a noble color. Often, practitioners will stick amethyst on the top of the head to activate the top wheel to gain the energy of enlightenment, also known as the "stone of energy." ❖ Applicable time ❖ : I want to calmly judge : I want to project a specific idea : Want to improve concentration, rational thinking, and observation : I want to keep my faith but not superstitious : Turn on spiritual ability, open inner awareness, and communicate with your inner intuition : Feeling yin and yang imbalance : I want to have the wisdom to deal with life issues : I want to adjust the emotions that face different problems (such as: clearing the negative energy of obstruction for a long time) : I want to balance the chakra energy (mainly for the top wheel, which can gather energy and make the original weak energy strong) : Improve acceptance (open the door to other realms, remove obstacles and accelerate treatment) : Bring creativity ❖ Star promise ❖ All gems are Natural Naturals, no synthetics, similar stones and imitations.


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