[hand ink] Devil Series - Asmode

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Devil series hand-made ink, classic immortal new dress new formula


[hand ink] Devil Series - Asmode


Asmodeus Asmodeus "The worldly lusts are the humour of God. The reason is that sin is and He is born in the darkness, the Lord of all shadows." ------------------- Try it out for Lumière FB search @luneLight ------------------- Scent: Temptation Glitter: Symphony Violet 800 mesh, Symphony Gold 800 mesh Basic color: black brown Sheen no Shading ★★★ Chromatography ★ It is the demon that appeared in the second passage of the "Duoya Biography" and the Jewish classic "Talmud". In the occult book "Solomon's Little Key", it is one of the 72 devils, the 32nd demon. Rank is king The commanding 72 regiments, the queen served by the eighteen evil spirits. And was passed down as the demon king representing the sin of the seven sins. It is portrayed as a woman's head, with a bull's head and a sheep's head, with a total of three heads. Capacity: 15ml Color test paper: Bachuan paper The main color is black and brown, from brown to black purple. The difference with Assaxler is that Assachler is yellowish and Asmode is purple. ******************** Sheen is a metal reflection after the ink is dried, shading is the change of the shade when the ink is written, and the chromatography is the colorful gradient of the ink after coating. All ink effects have no external force and no water pollution, and it is there. Ink notes: This ink is hand-made and starts with 0 with a British imported makeup-grade dye. Please understand the characteristics of hand-made ink, there is still a gap between the brand ink on the market. If there is a replica, the color may not be completely copied. Because the additives such as preservatives for hand-made inks cannot be compared to commercially available specifications, the ingredients are relatively natural. Therefore, in use, as far as possible, avoid using a pen to draw or use a pen to absorb, so as to avoid contamination and cause mold. Remind you that unboiled tap water contains a variety of invisible bacteria, which are generally harmless, but are prone to qualitative changes over time. If you need to use the dip pen, please dry it after using the pen or use distilled water or boiling water as the washing water. ----------------------------- All ink levels are tested as follows: Let stand → filter → pour the pen tip pen → stand for one month The image has been adjusted to have no paper color effect, but the ink color will be different due to different screens and shooting techniques, paper and different pen widths. Please do not return the goods due to color difference. ------------------------------ This ink is gold powder ink. My hand-made inks use more than 800 mesh pearl powder, and may not be able to compare the flashes with other hand-inks that emphasize the color of the glitter. Pens above the F tip, if only used temporarily, can be filled after testing. But don't use it on high-priced pens. All inks are not glued. If you want to thicken it, it is more convenient to use it on the dip pen. The gum tree powder can be purchased in the purchase area. However, it is common knowledge that gold powder is not recommended for pouring pens, and there is still a risk of obstruction. If it is left unused for a long time, please clean the ink to avoid blockage. If the pen does not want gold powder, please don't shake it, just draw the ink above. After the ink is dry, the gold powder touch will fall, and the work is recommended to be sprayed with a protective spray and saved. The inks I make can't be mixed with each other to avoid precipitation. ----------------------------- The fragrances used in the inks are all food-grade spices, and their aromas are only fragrant when written and cannot be stored on paper for a long time. **Ink is a liquid and I can't send it directly overseas. Please do not check out directly. For overseas guests, please contact the private collection. And use the Taiwan address to checkout. ** The official container transport has the opportunity to clear customs, but there are also many chances to be stopped. If there is a situation in which the interception cannot be sent, the relevant expenses are self-paying, and it is hereby declared. Store statement: 1. Invoice or receipt cannot be provided, and business registration is not required according to law Personal designer (with a monthly turnover of less than 80,000 yuan), therefore unable to provide invoices or receipts Very sorry 2. The closing news is because the designer himself is serialized in the weekly magazine, and the little helper can process the goods once a week. The shipment date is no accident for 2 weeks. For other news, please refer to the news of the vacation hall! Please forgive me for any inconvenience


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