[England] Wax Lyrical fragrance Colony Series - Lemon and Lime 120ml

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[England] Wax Lyrical fragrance Colony Series - Lemon and Lime 120ml


https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/804307388929024001/pWu_QPxl.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmZz6BOXaqM Name: Lemon & Lime Lemon and Lime Capacity: 120 ml Give your home a brand new fruity vibe with this citrus scent explosion of Lemon and Lime from the Colony Collection. A brilliant flame-free way to scent your home, this reed diffuser will release its scent for weeks upon weeks, letting you enjoy the exotic blend of lemons and limes, pineapple and coconut throughout Summer. Also making a lovely gift, this reed diffuser is perfect for birthdays, thank yous and for a teacher's gift. If this is your chosen scent of Summer, why not pick up a Lemon and Lime reed diffuser refill, to keep your diffuser topped up and your home smells great. Colony new fruit flavor fragrance of lemon and lime, mixed a variety of exotic may allow you to expand from simple fragrant lemon bamboo time to experience:, lime, pineapple and coconut from different levels spread in space, bring you unique olfactory senses https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CplwWVEXYAAIQmN.jpg:large With suction manner fragrance spread to the interior space, which leads to the brain's emotional control position, the use of fragrances to achieve physical and spiritual relief and relaxation. Instructions: The expansion of bamboo incense into the bottle, the first time just insert two bamboo can spread incense, or depending on the size of the space and spread incense concentration increase or decrease the number of bamboo. Manufacturer: Wax Lyrical Ltd, UK Precautions: 1, due to the high concentration of essential oils, and help contain volatile alcohol, do not eat or applied directly to the skin. 2, when the fragrance oil gets into your eyes, rinse with water for several minutes and seek medical attention. 3, avoid direct sunlight, away from fire or hot locations. 4. Do not place on painted, polished or surface composition. 5. Do not position children or pets can be placed in contact with. Shopping Guide: 1, appreciation of: Goods content mainly in kind, commodity once opened that it is difficult to reply commodity status quo. To apply for refund, please do not maintain the status quo and opened when the delivery of goods. But because of their merchandise is defective or does not match with the order to send goods to apply for a replacement, unless; if it is defective merchandise, please take pictures to record and retain the original packaging, and at 7 days after the arrival of telephone or e-mail notification us, we will return as soon as possible to help you deal with issues. 2, freight 80, over one thousand free transport. 3, the home delivery of goods is limited to the island of Taiwan, Islands, Outer Islands, an overseas region shipping extra. Origin / manufacturing methods UK UK