Tribute to Praise - Colored Sun Rose Cover Glass Bottle Dry Flower Spread Fragrance Flower Buy 3 Piece Please Select Home Delivery

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There is a sun rose in a small glass jar, which can be used as a diffuse fragrance flower to drop your favorite essentia


Tribute to Praise - Colored Sun Rose Cover Glass Bottle Dry Flower Spread Fragrance Flower Buy 3 Piece Please Select Home Delivery


[commodity description and story] . There is a sun rose in a small glass bottle, which can be used as a fragrance-enhancing flower to drop your favorite essential oils (dried flowers have no taste and no fragrance) . Sun Rose has five color powder/violet/white/green/yellow options, with green mousse, plus some seasonal dry flower decorations . Each of the sun roses is about the size of a 50-yuan coin, and the irregular flower type is 3.2cm~3.4cm. . The sun rose hand-knitted for true-grass flowers, stitching some micro-cracking and natural wood color is a normal phenomenon. . At the bottom is the decoration of Italian jade. The flower is a cylindrical glass bottle (with cover). . The shipping process is more troublesome. The jade in the glass will be packaged separately and then poured directly into the stone. . There is a risk that this gift will be shipped for glass fragile items 7-11. Please purchase 3 or more items and send it to us. . The gift is semi-DIY style and cannot be delicately packaged. A lot of bubble paper protection is used for product safety. [work size and floral material] . Specification: Flower diameter about 7.5cm, height about 14cm (including cover) . Material: Sun Rose, Canaria, Green Mousse, Jade, Snowflake 【Packing】 . The flowers are all real dry flowers. IDUN will do a good job of collision protection and send it to your hands. . Advocate environmental protection is not over-packed but products are protected by dust-proof plastic bags and bubble paper . Does not provide paper bags and exquisite packaging, can provide small cards to order in the first order . If you are damaged after receiving the ceremony, please contact us immediately for your after-sales service and any assistance. . Personal studio is not easy to manage, sincerely hope that you can give us a positive feedback after receiving the gift 【storage method】 . Keep dry flowers in a dry and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight . Dry flowers should not be placed in damp and dark places, but moldy . If dust is generated due to long-term placement, just use a small brush to gently remove the dust. . Dry flowers can be stored well for more than one year, and natural weathering is a normal phenomenon over time. 【Precautions】 . The same species of flowers have different pose sizes, so the works you receive will not be exactly the same as the photos. . There is a normal phenomenon of falling flowers in the sending process. Unable to accept friends to order . Dry flowers are subject to temporary out-of-stock or poor quality due to factors such as climate. We will make appropriate adjustments. . Order 2 or above (if not ordered) Please choose to send by home delivery, not applicable [About IDUN Flower Eden Floral Studio] . Nordic mythological goddess Eden, the embodiment of youth and spring, the owner of the Garden of the Year. . Designer Sunny's love for flowers and the creation of a young flower gift card. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin / Taiwanese manufacturing methods / handmade


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