Black Black ㄟ Black Shadow Cat / Mouth Bag Accompanying Bag Side Backpack Crossbody Bag

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The mouth frame is hand-sewn twice with six thick threads, which is very firm! Huimi's carefully crafted black cat bag is unique to you.



Black Black ㄟ Black Shadow Cat / Mouth Bag Accompanying Bag Side Backpack Crossbody Bag


A cute and practical retro carry-on bag, medium size, Personal items such as mobile phones, wallets, cosmetics, etc. can be easily put in, You can go out as soon as you click on it ~ Full of black cats, set off your mysterious and funny temperament, The black line is a versatile style, and it is suitable for anyone wearing a black cat bag. <size> Fabric size (without mouth gold): height 21.5cm x width 24cm x bottom 6cm The height with mouth gold head is 23.5cm Mouth width: 18cm <Material> High-quality cotton and linen, bronze color gold, bronze chain, 1.3cm wide cotton webbing There are two pockets in the bag, One is suitable for leisure cards, and the other is suitable for various mobile phones. The straps are detachable and there are two options: Adjustable strap (black) or bronze chain strap (fixed length) Adjustable range of adjustable strap: 70-130cm Bronze chain back with two sizes available 100 / 120cm (including hooks on both sides) Because the material cost of the chain is much higher than that of the cloth strap, the chain will be more expensive. The two straps have different feelings. Please choose according to your personal preferences in the product specification area. The above photos are taken by the designer: 155cm / 46kg with a chain of 100cm back. Everyone's height, body shape, and habits of backing are different. How do you choose the length of the chain? The most accurate way is to put a cloth ruler on your body to measure, you can find out the most suitable length for yourself. The length of the chain can be changed, please use 10 centimeters as the unit, and the length includes hooks on both sides. The price of 100cm and 120cm are the same, If you need to change, please choose one, And please mark the remarks of the order: Change the chain to 90cm or the chain to 110cm or the chain to 130cm (For more than 130 cm, please send a private message first, you need to charge for the material fee, plus NT $ 15 for each more than 10cm, a supplement page will be sent) <Before you buy> ‧The relationship between the manual cutting of the fabric and the position of the pattern may not be exactly the same as on the photo. Please believe that Huimi will make them look the best. ‧Photographs are taken from real products, but the colors will vary depending on the screen display, light and personal perception. The colors are mainly real products. ‧You can wash it by hand. If it is not too dirty, try to wipe the dirt with a damp cloth. After cleaning, dry the hardware as soon as possible. Please don't throw it into the washing machine, there is cotton spreading inside, it is easy to deform! ‧Hand-made goods may have hand-made marks, perfectionists please place orders with caution. ‧ The shipment will be checked. If it is not a major defect, basically no return or exchange will be provided. The return and exchange can only be provided by the post office, and there is no home delivery logistics company that cooperates with the receipt. ‧Customized products will be produced after the order is established, and will be shipped within five working days (excluding six days). ‧In order to avoid collision, the shipping will put the strap in the gold bag. After receiving the goods, you can open the gold bag to find the strap. Please hook up the strap yourself. /// If you have any questions in the above description, please use [Contact Designer] Private Messages ///


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